Expensive Decorating and Home Maintenance Tasks You Can Actually Do Yourself

Expensive Decorating and Home Maintenance Tasks You Can Actually Do Yourself
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Most of us are living on fairly tight budgets. So, when it comes to renovating or decorating our homes we try to do things ourselves. As a result, we are a nation of accomplished DIY-ers.

But, there are some jobs we still feel we cannot tackle. So, when they need doing we tend to call and pay for a professional. Sometimes this is the right solution. Other times you may be being a bit hasty. Here are x home decorating and maintenance tasks you probably can actually do yourself.

Renewing your skirting

If your skirting boards need replacing there is no need to pay for a carpenter. The skirting board retailer sells dozens of different styles in a range of lengths and finishes. So, you can easily order what you need and do the job yourself. It is a simple case of levering the old skirting off the wall, making good any holes and nailing or gluing the new boards in place.

Before you start you will need to go online and find out how to create a scribe joint. It is a skill that is not that difficult to learn. Plus, you can practice doing it on a section of your old skirting board.

Filling in and skim coating

Most people can fill in dings and dents in their walls or woodwork. But, do not feel that they can tackle plastering a wall themselves. This is understandable because it is one of those building jobs that is hard to master. If you have bare walls, calling a professional in is usually still the best option.

On the other hand, smoothing out walls that have already been plastered is something most people can actually do well. You can find in-depth video tutorials that show you exactly how to skim coat walls.

But, when deciding whether or not to do this task yourself it is important to factor in the cost of the tools. To get perfect results you need the right equipment. If you are lucky, you will live in an area with a tool co-operative or rental shop. You will also need to practice your technique first. A wall in your garage is perfect for this.

Unblocking a toilet or sink

If you have a blocked toilet or sink you do not usually have to call a plumber. In most cases, you can sort the issue out yourself using just a plunger.

Replace and repair your own taps

Provided you buy the right type swapping out your taps for new ones is surprisingly easy. Just remember to turn off the water before you do it and go easy when you are tightening or loosening the nuts so you do not bend or twist the pipes.

Paint your doors

Most of us can handle painting our walls or woodwork, but, hire a professional to paint our doors. They are surprisingly complex items to paint and getting a run free finish is difficult.

However, it need not be like this. The trick is to take the door off of its hinges and lay it flat when you paint it. This solves the runs issue so you get a much better finish. Plus, you will not have to spend any time on your knees, so will have fewer aches and pains.

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