We Are Konfidence 2019 Baby Swimologists (AD)

Konfidence 2019 Baby Swimologists

Swimming is a skill that I firmly believe every child should learn. It can save lives, but it’s also so much fun. As a child, I started swimming at a young age, and I would have swimming lessons every Friday night after school. I loved it. The smell of the pool, learning new skills and collecting badges and certificates. My husband although comfortable in the water is not a strong swimmer and it is the one thing he wishes he had done more as a child. I am so excited to reveal that we are working with Konfidence as one of their 2019 Baby Swimologists!

Henry’s Swimming Journey

My first son Henry is eight years old this year. Although he is quite confident in the water, he cannot swim. It is my biggest regret in parenting not getting him swimming lessons when he was younger. It was always something we were going to do. The idea was that I would take him to classes as a baby, but I found parenting difficult initially and as he grew older and things became more comfortable I didn’t want to disturb the balance, and so it was always something I put off. He then lost his confidence completely when it came to trying anything new outside of his comfort zone. I knew at this point that we had missed that crucial window of opportunity with him. He is currently on the waiting list for swimming lessons but the demand is high in our area, and at the moment there isn’t availability. When a space does come up, he will be starting and although it isn’t as soon as I would have liked it to be it is never too late to learn.

Although he hasn’t officially had any swimming lessons, we do go swimming regularly, and I have been working with him to build his confidence in the water and learn some basic swimming skills. He is really excited to swim, and it is a skill I really think is essential for him to have.

Konfidence 2019 Baby Swimologists



I feel like we made a mistake with Henry by not pursuing swimming when he was younger. I think the sooner you get babies in the water the better it is for them and the easier they find their confidence. As soon as I fell pregnant with Hugo I vowed that this time around things would be different. I wanted to get him in the water at a young age and develop the skills whilst he was still small. So as you can imagine the fact that we have been chosen as one of Konfidence’s 2019 Baby Swimologists is exciting!

Konfidence 2019 Baby Swimologists

Part of our role as 2019 Baby Swimologists means that we will be taking part in baby swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks at a local pool courtesy of Konfidence who have also sent us some handy swimming products to help Hugo on his swimming journey. We are really looking forward to the adventure ahead, and we would love for you to follow along with us!

To celebrate our new role as Konfidence as one of their 2019 Baby Swimologists Konfidence have kindly given us a £50 Konfidence voucher to giveaway to one lucky reader. This can be used in full or part payment towards anything on their website. To enter simply use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don’t forget to check out my other giveaways here.

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