Four Tips to Brighten Your Bedroom

Four Tips to Brighten Your Bedroom
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For many people, the bedroom is a sanctuary of rest and relaxation. It’s where you might unwind after a long day of work or from the rigors of school, and it’s where you’ve got to be the most comfortable. The bedroom is where we spend most of our time sleeping and dreaming but that means it needs to have a comfortable, bright vibe so that you feel like you can relax in that space. A bedroom doesn’t have to have poor lighting to be able to promote good sleep, it just needs to be brightened up in other ways. 

From luxury rugs to excellent lamps, you can make your bedroom stand out as the coziest and brightest place in your home. Flooding your bedroom with light is going to bring so much joy to your life, and make you feel so secure. Here are full tips for brightening up your bedroom.

  • Start with your color scheme. Calm colors are the best place to begin when you want your bedroom to feel comfortable, cozy and bright. Avoid the garish shades of red and orange as they can be too bright. The idea is to brighten it up and make it cheerful, not loud and too many loud colors can stop you from sleeping well. Think about soft blues or pale greens, gentle purples and gray. These are natural soothing colors that can give you a better night of sleep.
  • Add some excellent LED lighting. LED lighting is getting a good rap these days because of the fact that it uses much less energy than other lighting options. The good news is that with LED lighting, you can add strip lighting to the tops of your bedroom so that you can brighten up literally every single evening. You don’t need to have a disco in your bedroom, but adding the right kind of lights can make it look fantastic and make you feel comfortable and joyful just being in the space.
  • Make sure your curtains are light. The bedroom has to be a place where you can relax and unwind but this has to happen with a comfortable space. Using light and airy curtains in your home can help you here, and if you want to sleep better at night it’s important that your windows are covered to stop the sun‘s rays penetrating through. Light gray curtains another like to come in on a muted vibe so that the light can flow through without it being too bright.
  • Invest in cozy furniture. If you want to brighten up your bedroom you need to invest in cozy furniture. When you are cozy, you are going to feel much more relaxed and comfortable. It allows you to unwind in your space in a way that allows you to relax properly. This can make the room around you feel far more inviting and welcoming at the same time.


Your bedroom should make you feel relaxed and happy from the moment you walk in so you can use these tips to help.

*Contributed post

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