How to Make Money from Something You Love

How to Make Money from Something You Love
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Dark times are forecast over the next few months. So you might be looking for some ways to boost your income. So here are some tips to make money from something you love.

Show People What You Can Do

If you are talented at something, it’s a logical step to make money doing it. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever these days to show people just what you can do. Suppose you love health and fitness with knowledge of holistic therapies. In that case, you could become a yoga instructor with an online certification. And then it’s pretty easy to upload videos to YouTube to earn from views. Or even begin instructing remotely with apps like Facebook Live, Zoom and Skype.  

Blog About Your Passion

Of course, a tried and tested 21st-century method of making money from your passion is by blogging. Where blogging was once a passive subject with no potential. Today blogging is a genuine way to make money. But you need to put in the work and have some patience. To attract readers, you can make money with a niche such as a specific yoga discipline. You can then monetize through affiliate marketing, paid ads, sponsored posts and Google Ads. 

Make Money from Something You Love with a Related Job

You could always quit your nine to five or do some extra work in a job related to what you live to do. For instance, your local fitness centre might be looking for someone to teach.

  • Search Google for local jobs related to your hobby with the query “yoga jobs near me“.
  • Create a profile for freelance work on sites such as Upwork and work from home.
  • Consider an alternative with a connection, such as health and fitness journalism.

Getting extra work is only as challenging or as easy as the work you are willing to put into finding it. However, something will come along sooner or later with some effort and patience.

Become a Social Media Influencer

Like many people, you probably have an active social media account on one or more platforms. However, like blogging and YouTubing, you can make money doing something you love on these sites. With a lot of effort, you could make money as a social media influencer. Like blogging and making videos, you will need constant content updates related to your niche that users want. In time, you can make money with marketing, paid ads and product promotion.

Continue to Improve and Persist

You can find a job doing what you love if you have the determination. And there are many ways to make money online with your hobby or niche. But sometimes, it can take a while to develop. The worst thing you can do is give up because you don’t see immediate cash flow. It takes most blogs between six and twelve months to begin generating an income. Some even longer. In the meantime, focus on your site or channel, learn content techniques and improve your craft.


It can be challenging to make money from something you love. But modern methods include uploading videos to YouTube or live classes, finding related jobs and developing a blog.

*Contributed post

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