How To Tell A Story Through Your Rings

How To Tell A Story Through Your Rings
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One of the best things about rings is how versatile they are. These simple bands of metal can be decorated with engravings, additions, embeddings, sculptures, and all manner of other designs. As such, rings have come to develop a sense of meaning that ensures they can really represent you as a person. Here are a few ways to add a little additional personality and symbolism to your choice of rings.

The language of jewels

Aside from the choice of metal, the material most often used in rings are jewels and gemstones. While these can be chosen for their aesthetics alone, many of them also come with symbolic contexts, whether tied to some old tradition or in the more modern neo-pagan sense. Finding the symbolism of gems and choosing those that mean something to you is a popular way to tie some meaning to your rings. Birthstones are a very popular choice for that reason.

Using symbolism of all kinds

There are parts of ring design that are inherently symbolic. However, you can also choose rings that have symbols from all manner of cultures, be it flowers to represent the language of flowers, constellations and astrological signs with specific meaning to you, and even things like family crests.

Remember where you come from

Many people want to choose something that ties them a little more closely to our heritage. We can’t all go around wearing the clothing of our past generations while fitting in easily with modern society, but we can pay homage to it through rings. Celtic designs such as the Claddagh Irish ring is very popular amongst people with roots from that part of the world, for instance. Almost every culture is going to have some manner of symbolism that is either already a popular type of ring or can be incorporated very easily.

Put it in your own words

You don’t need to rely on some pre-establish rule of symbolism or meaning to get across what you want to say. Another popular way to add meaning to your rings is to write it yourself. If you’re not sure what would fit well, you can just look at some of the most popular inscriptions on rings. Even rings you already have can be inscribed with a message of your choice without much hassle.

Even where you wear it means something

It’s not just the ring itself that can communicate the story that you want to tell. Where you wear your ring has significance as well. We already know about the wedding ring and what it means, but rings on each finger can apparently mean something. It doesn’t have to connect with the most popular interpretation of it, but it can be part of the story that has meaning to you, such as how pinky fingers can mean either a professional or familiar connection.

As versatile as rings are, they can say anything and everything that you might want. The above ideas are just a few examples of how you can use your rings to add a little more inspiration to your look.

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