Lost Your Love Of Exercise? Try This

Lost Your Love Of Exercise? Try This
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When you first start exercising, you have so much energy. You look forward to getting out there and pushing your body to the limit. 

But over time, your enthusiasm wanes. You find that you’re not actually as pumped for your workouts as you once were. And that can leave you feeling deflated. All the energy is gone. What happened? 

If you find yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. It turns out that everyone goes through cycles. Sometimes, they love going to the gym and getting exercise, and other times they don’t. 

But what about people who exercise all their lives without complaint? What’s their secret? Let’s find out. 

Do What You Can Do, Not What You Think You Should

Instead of seeing exercise as this massive ordeal, just focus on what you can do. You don’t have to become a supermodel overnight – that’s not realistic. But you can go for a walk around the block or hop on your bicycle. 

Break things up into small chunks. Don’t tell yourself “today I’m going to run ten miles” if you’ve never done it before. Just jog the first mile and then see what happens. You don’t have to pressure yourself. 

Make It Sexy

Exercise doesn’t have to be a sober affair. Put on some bum enhancing gym leggings and make it sexy. The better you feel when you do it, the more inclined you will be to continue. Frankly, you might enjoy the attention. 

Dress like you’re enjoying yourself. Big, baggy t-shirts that make you feel frumpy are a big no-no. 

See It As A Treat

Seeing exercise as a “treat” isn’t easy if you’re the sort of person who runs out of breath easily. But if you can get into the mindset that says “exercise is me time”, it can put you at a tremendous advantage. All of a sudden, you turn it from a chore into a luxury. It’s something that you actually want to do. 

Just Do 10 Minutes

Many people get themselves into trouble with exercise when they believe that they have to do it hour after hour. But that’s not true. You don’t have to approach it in that way. Instead, you can just tell yourself that you’re going to do 10 minutes. You’ll often find that you feel so good just moving that you want to continue for another 10 minutes and so on.

Improve Your Diet

Exercise feels bad sometimes. But usually that’s because of the initial state of your body – not the exercise itself. Try improving your diet. Focus on fiber-rich foods for 90 percent of your meals, and skip the junk. Over time, you’ll find that the weight falls off and you feel better – without even doing anything. Once you start exercising again, you notice that it isn’t as difficult as before. You can go further and feel happier doing it. 

Improving your diet is a real secret for gym motivation. When you eat the right things, you feel much more energetic. You’re more likely to exercise and improve your health.

*Contributed Post

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  1. Anonymous
    25th April 2024 / 11:02 pm

    I’vs nevsr enjoyed physical activity, no matter the activity. I’ve never beem good at it, and exercising makes me very depressed, and angry. It also makes me hungrier, so the wealth does’t melt off.
    No matter how much I do, no matter how many years, I hate it, it feels awful, and I’m terrible at it.

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