Are You Ready For A Baby?

Are You Ready For A Baby?
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Are you ready to make a massive leap and start a new stage in your life? 

Having a baby is the beginning of a completely new chapter that will shape the rest of your life. It’s the start of your own little family and some people can’t wait to get pregnant and have a baby. For others, it’s a much tougher decision. You’ve been with your partner for a few years, everything is going well, and you’re starting to wonder if a baby is the next step.

But…are you ready?

Have you spent time looking after anyone or anything before?

Do you have a pet? It sounds silly, but having a pet is a good stepping stone to having a baby, particularly if you get them when they’re young. Looking after a puppy or kitten requires a lot of attention and commitment. If you struggle to do this, you’re definitely not ready for a baby! Keep that emergency contraception nearby because if you can’t look after a pet, you will not be able to look after a baby. At least pets have some semblance of intelligence from a very young age and can be slightly independent. A human baby needs constant care and attention, so you need the time and patience to deal with this. 

How will a baby affect your professional life?

What impact will a baby have on your career and professional life? Some of you may look at your career and think that a baby isn’t going to impact it. Maybe you work from home, maybe you run a business – who knows?! For whatever reason, you’ve weighed things up and deduced that a baby won’t impact your professional life at all. 

On the other hand, some of you might look at this and think that a baby could hold you back. You’ve been making good progress at your job and there are some promotions lined up. Can you afford to take time out of work to have a child? Perhaps it’s best for you to reach a stage in your career where you’re comfortable and settled, then have a baby!

Can you financially handle a baby?

The financial impact of having a baby is big, put it that way. 

You’re going to spend a lot of money looking after and raising your child. The question is, are you in a position to be able to do this? If you’re already struggling to get by every month, and you have debts to pay, is it wise to welcome a baby into the world? It’s not the most romantic or lovely thing to think about, but you shouldn’t have a baby until you and your partner can look at your finances and feel comfortable. 

Hopefully, this has given you some things to think about on the whole baby front. Are you ready? Should you wait? Only you know the answer to these questions, but the discussion above should open your eyes to some key things you need to think about. 

*Contributed Post

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