What To Buy A Fussy Tween – (AD)

What To Buy A Fussy Tween – (AD)
*This is a commissioned post in collaboration with Wicked Uncle

I can’t quite believe that next month my little Henry Bug turns 10! It feels like only yesterday he was starting primary school! Over the past few weeks, I have been fielding questions from people about what he might like as a present to celebrate his special day! But what do you buy a fussy Tween?! I’ve been directing people to the Wicked Uncle website, where there is an abundance of gifting options categorised handily by age group. If you are struggling with what to buy a fussy Tween, then I’ve put together these tips, which hopefully will help!

Ask the Parents

This sadly doesn’t apply for your own child, but for anyone else, it’s always a good idea to check with the parents if they have an idea of what to buy. I really appreciate it when people ask me because I can field them in a direction so that they know their money isn’t going to be wasted on something that won’t be played with. This is also great for preventing duplicate purchases! It may sound like a simple tip, but people often try and navigate the task alone but make life easy for yourself and ask!

Buy Something They Can Use

I know practical gifts aren’t always the most exciting, but at least you know they will be used! There is nothing worse than wasting your money and purchasing something for the sake of it. A practical gift has its benefits, and it doesn’t have to be boring. My Tween loves hoodies, water bottles, hats and even socks, especially if they are donning a Minecraft character or the like!

Go for Experiences Over Items

If you are unsure of what your recipient would enjoy in terms of a physical product, then an experience can be a great alternative. After all, a memory lasts a lifetime, and if you want a gift that will outlive any toy or game, then this is for you! There are so many experience days available nowadays, from taster driving sessions suitable for Tweens to daredevil adventures for the thrill-seekers out there!

Make A Day of It

My sister-in-law loves taking my son out for the day as his gift. They might venture to the cinema or bowling, and then they stop by their favourite pizzeria. This is a great gift that comes with some special one on one time too. Life is so hectic; lately, we don’t savour those special moments anymore, and sometimes the greatest gift we can give not just our fussy Tweens but all of our children is our time.

Club Together with Others

If you are buying for someone else’s child, then sometimes clubbing together is the best solution. As children get older, their taste seems to become richer, and the things they really want can often be expensive. Of course, I’m talking video games and all the technology-related paraphernalia our kids use these days. These things come with a premium price tag much higher than would be expected as a gift but split between a few people, it’s much more appealing.

Money, Vouchers or the Dreaded Digital Currency

This is always my last resort. I just find money and vouchers lack that oomph you get from opening a gift. But, of course, if it’s what the child wants, then it’s a no brainer! As I said before, often, the things Tweens really want come with a premium price tag and for them, receiving the money or vouchers means that they can put the sum together and purchase it themselves. This is a great idea, especially if you want to know that your money isn’t going to be wasted on a token gift that won’t be used or played with.

Of course, we then also have the discussion of digital currency for use inside the online games our children play. Personally, I see this as such a waste of money. There is no tangible item at the end of it, but it does seem to make them happy! If it’s what they want, it’s what they want, right?

Do you have any tips for buying for a fussy Tween? I would love to hear them below!

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*This is a commissioned post in collaboration with Wicked Uncle

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