What’s Hiding In Your Attic?

What’s Hiding In Your Attic?
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Most people use their attics as storage spaces, while some people like to convert it into another room. But above all else, the attic is the room that stands between you and the roof, and anything that can potentially leak or chew through. And that’s a thought that worries people! 

However, try not to worry! You can take charge over this dark and cramped space, and change how you use it for the better. And with the tips below, you’ll be able to feel secure, safe, and clean in your home, no matter what could be going on upstairs!

Maybe a Few Pests…

Your attic is mostly secure, thanks to how many feet it is in the air, and how attics are built to be resistant in the first place. However, quite a few pests can still make their way in, and if you hear noises coming from above you when you’re laying in bed at night, it’s worth taking a look up there.

But what might you find when you’re up there? The obvious, of course, such as rats and mice, but you can also find wasps and hornet nests, and potentially even a bird’s nest too! Be sure to check for droppings along the ground, and keep an eye on the elevated beams near the ceiling. 

Perhaps Something Valuable?

Taking time out from the idea that a mouse or a spider lives in your attic, it’s time to think about what you’ve actually got stored up there. Maybe you haven’t checked the boxes since you moved in, and didn’t even bother to open up a bunch of them? Maybe you haven’t looked up there in years, and have completely forgotten what you’ve got stored away? Either way, it could be worth it to have a clean out. 

After all, you never know what treasures you might find. As long as it’s vintage, there’s going to be someone out there who will pay to take it off your hands, and platforms like Ebay are incredibly accessible. And whilst you may want to look after your antique silver that an old relative gave you, it’s still worth it to get the piece valued, or see what similar items have sold for in the past. 

A Structural Issue or Two

Your attic can get damaged. Rafters can crack, and structural issues can be seen both from outside and inside your home. From the outside, if you see the roof of your home seemingly sagging in any area, you’ll want to take a look up there. 

Similarly, if you notice any leaks coming through your bedroom ceiling, it’s another sign there might be a hole in the roof or less than hardy insulation. All require checking out, to ensure you can get a professional out in time to keep your home safe and warm. 

There’s a lot going on up in your attic, and you probably don’t know about it. Take a look and check you’re all good!

*Contributed Post

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