Last Minute Ways to Make Christmas Extra Special

Last Minute Ways to Make Christmas Extra Special
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Christmas is almost here. And the child inside you may be getting excited. But work and family can get in the way. So, here are some quick ways you can make Christmas extra special.

Get Cosy and Warmed Up

Heating your home might be something beyond your budget this year. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get cosy. Spending time together as a family or couple in an intimate Christmas setting is the stuff magical memories are made of. You can slip on some personalised nightwear with a Xmas theme this year and cuddle up under the blankets. And log fires are great for adding instant mood. But of course, there is a danger, and you need a fireplace to burn them.

Look for Santa with the Kids

Once the kids are asleep on Christmas Eve, it’s time to get creative and make it appear like Santa stopped by in the middle of the night. Start by putting fake snow from his shoes in his glittery footsteps from the fireplace to the tree. This will make them look more real. Then, scatter some glitter on their main gifts to make it look like they were flown in from the North Pole just for them. Finally, finish the scene with a greeting card that looks like it came from the Elves.

Make Christmas Extra Special with a Family Breakfast

Christmas is the day to give yourself what you want. So, whether you have a traditional family breakfast or cook together as a couple, include the kids. Mix it up and make it more interesting by adding something you usually leave out. This doesn’t have to be food. It can be something they can see, like their names written on napkins. Or Christmas-themed cutlery. Most adults and kids love doing things that they can only do on special days like Christmas or birthdays.

Get Crafty and Make Your Own Decorations

Most of us are drawn to TV like moths to a Christmas tree light. Even though movies like “The Snowman” and “Home Alone” are great, you can get the kids to stop watching them by giving them Christmas decorations. Crafting is a cheap way to keep your kids busy and away from the commercial side of Christmas. They can make things for the tree, the walls, or the garden that are personal and unique and will last for years, adding to the magic of the season.

Leave Opening Gifts Until Later to Make it Exciting

By building up the excitement, you can make the moment of opening gifts even more magical. You can do this easily by waiting to give gifts until later in the day, such as after dinner. Don’t be a Scrooge, of course. When your partner or kids wake up, you can let them open their stockings. You can make it more fun by getting out some snacks, turning on some music, and getting together as a loving family should. Then everyone looks forward to it as a tradition.


You can make Christmas extra special with new family traditions. Try getting cosy in PJs and blankets on Xmas Eve, have a family breakfast and open gifts later to make it more exciting.


*Contributed post

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