Where To Find Inspiration For Some Really Creative Gifts

Where To Find Inspiration For Some Really Creative Gifts
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Your kids might have gotten their letters to Santa long sent off, by now, but there might still be some people that you haven’t found the right gift for, or perhaps you’re looking at some birthdays beyond the holidays. For some people, it can be really hard to find the inspiration for a good gift. Perhaps you simply don’t know the individual as well as you would like to, or they keep their interests and passions pretty close to their chest. How and where do you find the inspiration you need to choose a great gift when the recipient isn’t giving you a whole lot of room? Here, we’re going to look at a few options.

When is a gift card a good idea?

Gift cards tend to be thought of as something of a low-effort present and, indeed, sometimes that is the case. However, if you’re not certain what, exactly, to get them, but you have a decent idea of the kind of thing they like, then it can actually be a really thoughtful choice. For instance, you might know that they’re a voracious reader, but choosing a book for another person can be a bit of a minefield of clashing interests. Similarly, if you know they’re a gamer, then there are plenty of gift cards for game platforms.


Could you make it yourself?

Are you at least a little bit handy when it comes to crafts? Do you think that your gift recipient would appreciate something that has had a little effort and personal energy put into it? If so, there are plenty of great DIY gifts that you could take a look at, and decide which of them might be the best fit for the person in question. The time and effort that you spend on making a brand-new gift for an individual can truly add some sentimental value.


Check out the auctions

Suppose you want to see some of the most interesting and diverse items that you might be able to get your hands on, then rather than heading to any one store that specialises in a specific range of items. In that case, you could look for those marketplaces where the choices are going to be a bit more eclectic and often a good deal rarer. Online auctions can be your opportunity to spot all manner of curiosities and maybe even the occasional great deal on some truly valuable items. It’s a great way to get away from the consumerist bent of the big stores during the gift-giving season.


Consider experiential gifts

Not all gifts have to be something that you can physically wrap up and hand to another person. In fact, people tend to remember the experiences that they are gifted more than the objects they receive. Perhaps you could take a friend out for dinner at a restaurant they never get to go to. Perhaps you could arrange for tickets to a show or concert that a loved one might really appreciate. For someone you’re particularly close to, you could visit a spa together to really enjoy some relaxation and pampering.


Build it up throughout the year

If you spend enough time on the internet, then you’re eventually going to start seeing some cool stuff that you think could make a pretty neat gift. However, over time, we’re all likely to forget those nifty little gadgets, knick-knacks, and personal treats that we’ve spotted. That’s why you should consider putting together your own Pinterest board where you can pin all the neat things you see throughout the year. That way, when you have to give a present to someone you don’t know as well as you would like, you can pick out any number of things that have stood out to you over the year.


You can always ask

We know that you might want to keep your gift a surprise until the moment that they open it up, but in reality, ensuring that they get something they will enjoy and get some use out of might be more important than trying to surprise them. Asking directly what the individual likes can give you a direction to go in, and don’t forget to petition the people that are closer to them and might know a little more about their interests and likes for juicy gossip on what gifts might hit them just right.


There’s no guarantee you will find the perfect present with the inspirational sources listed above, but you can at least start getting some ideas that you might not think of, otherwise.

*Contributed post

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