Shortcut Lockdown Self- Neglect At Home

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The new year had barely started and we already went back into lockdown. The positive attitude of the first lockdown is long gone. The truth is that our wellbeing has taken a huge toll in 2020. It’s no wonder that we’re finding the 2021 lockdown difficult. We are emotionally and physically exhausted. You might even find that you’ve been gradually neglecting your wellbeing. This has to stop! Regaining your mental sanity begins with one simple task: remind yourself how to care.

Project brand new room to escape the routine

Cabin fever is the best way of describing the feeling of being stuck indoors. You can’t change your scenery. Over time, the home you grew to love is turning into a nightmare experience. You can’t wait to escape as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted. 

Does it sound familiar? That, my friend, is a back case of cabin fever. But as you can’t escape the cabin, for now, your next option is to transform your interior. Starting a home improvement project, such as transforming the winter lounge with an inset electric fire, will help you revive your interest and motivation at home. Fall back in love with your home to find your inner peace. 

A little luxury to remind you of to take care of yourself  

If you’ve fallen behind your skincare routine, out of boredom or mental fatigue, it’s time to look for new and exciting products. Your skin is going through a lot under lockdown. For a start, the indoor air can make your complexion appear dull and bloated. Then, stress and fatigue leave visible marks on your face. But a change of skincare routine can transform your day. It’s a simple but effective way to reclaim mental clarity and rediscover the joys of self-care.

Exercise together and combat January blues

If there were no pandemic, you would probably be hitting the gym. Most Britons rejoin their local gyms in January when health resolutions are still fresh in mind. But sticking with a fitness programme when you’re stuck at home is an impossible dream. The combination of lockdown fatigue and lack of motivation makes it hard to do daily crunches and push-ups in the lounge. But if we think of exercises in terms of fun and togetherness, your workout becomes something you can share with the family. Frequent workouts can, in the long term, boost your fitness levels and change your body shape. But, more importantly, they help lift your mood and get rid of lockdown blues.

Social challenges to boost your bonds

Hey, shall we Zoom?

Zoom was popular during the first lockdown. But as we got used to social distancing and self-isolation, most of us have grown apart from our friends and relatives. Blame the lockdown blues; you can’t find the energy to make video calls, let alone calls! Besides, there’s nothing new happening, so conversations can get a little awkward. Granted, but you could join a digital challenge together. Digital sports challenges are encouraging groups of people to complete long-distance walks or runs, for instance. It could be the boost you need to reach out to your friends again. 

Lockdown is both a cure and a curse. It helps tackle infection rates in the long term. But it leaves us feeling emotionally vulnerable to other risks. There’s no miracle solution, but you can introduce a new self-care routine to your home and your lifestyle. Remind yourself to reconnect with yourself and the people around you.

*Contributed Post

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