Couples Weight Loss Ideas

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Gradual weight gain can sneak up on all of us. When you realise the extra padding around your waist has become a permanent part of your look instead of a temporary oversight, change is needed. But there’s a problem for some of us. And it’s sitting next to you on the couch each evening. Your partner. They want to watch the new episode of that series you both love to binge. They want to have a big meal and chat about their day. They want to steal every spare minute. 

Getting fit as a couple is hard. You won’t both want to stick to rigid gym times. There can be issues with feeling abandoned when one partner prioritises their time away from the relationship. It’s far from simple. But there is a handy solution that can help. Home workouts. You can literally work out while watching TV. Problem solved. But you’ll need equipment…

Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are a superb addition to any home workout routine (follow the link to buy bumper plates). If you are unfamiliar with these versatile weight discs, you will likely know what they are without realising it. 

Bumper plates are the large disc weights typically found at either end of a weights bar. The major difference between a bumper plate and any old weight is the dense rubber material used to make the plates. The benefit of dense rubber plates (as opposed to metal plates) is that they won’t break when you drop them or slam them down when you reach muscle fatigue. They bounce slightly (which also helps protect your flooring). 

You can add smaller diameter metal weights to your weights bar to fine-tune your workout – as long as your bumper weight is the largest weight on the bar, your equipment will benefit from a degree of protection when “bumping” your weights down at the end of each set. Don’t have a weights bar? No problem. These multipurpose weights can be used to perform Russian twists, weighted wall sits, dead bug leg raises, chest presses, and much more! 

Have Fun with Tai Chi, Dancing, and even Martial Arts

The internet is awash with free tutorial videos, from day one beginners’ classes to intermediate and advanced training in just about every walk of life. You can move from series to series to augment your couples home workouts. Try tai chi together. Try dancing tutorials. Try holding the cushion for each other to perfect your round-house technique. 

Whatever it is you choose, you’re both more likely to stick at it if you have fun. There’s no point in forcing your partner to learn ballroom dancing or ballet if it really isn’t their thing. But a beginners’ hip hop dance class? That could work. Or maybe an online introduction to Yoga might appeal (check out this video with over 36 million views). 

Purchase bikes if you want. Stock up on badminton equipment if you feel the need. Buy matching hiking boots. But nothing will be more achievable when it comes to couples workouts than things you can do together at home.

*Contributed Post

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