The Essential Guide To Perfect Nesting

If the patter of tiny feet is merely weeks away, the chances are that you are well and truly in the nesting zone. Everything you do is now motivated by your drive to provide the most comfortable, safe and nurturing environment for your new bundle of joy. You may find yourself a little more anxious than usual, maybe a tad more moody and definitely more particular about how you want your immediate surroundings. While this can be an odd feeling, it is completely natural. Maternal instincts kick in, and you are preparing your humble abode for your beautiful baby. Take a look at the sorts of areas that you can channel your energy into, to be the perfect nester.

The Essential Guide To Perfect Nesting


The room where your little one will be spending most of his or her time is the nursery. Paint the walls a relatively neutral hue and add a relaxing mobile or two, and some delicate wall art. Family photos in black and white can be soothing additions to the room as can name art and stencils. Keep the furnishings tactile, soft and gentle for your baby’s skin. If you have gorgeous period floorboards, you can find rugs for sale that will add a touch of softness and texture to the room. Ensure that you have plenty of fleece blankets, a couple of throws and more muslin than you can shake a stick at. You will go through this like wildfire.


Although your imminent little human being won’t be on solid food for a little while, you may still have the inclination to get into the kitchen. This is a fantastic way to use up your nesting energy. Cook some hearty meals that can be frozen. By whipping up a cottage pie, a chilli con carne and a fried rice, and freezing them, you will have an array of meals to choose from to simply reheat when the time comes. A baby takes a ridiculous amount of your energy. The last thing that you want to be doing when you’ve finally got your little cherub to sleep is to head into the kitchen to cook up a storm. You also don’t want to be reliant on takeaways for convenience. The freezer is your friend so utilise it.

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