Ways To Stay Cool At Home When You Can’t Stand The Heat

Ways To Stay Cool At Home When You Can’t Stand The Heat
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The winter months are behind us now, and for some of us, the sun is starting to shine its bright, orange head more regularly. Spring is just about here, and so too is the warmer weather! Hoorah!! 

But while most of us love the feel of the sun on our backs as we’re going about our daily lives, there is one caveat: the heat! Admittedly, things won’t really heat up until the summer, but even in the springtime, it can get a little stifling. For those of us spending a lot of time at home (and that’s most of us right now), a hot house can become rather uncomfortable. 

If you’re somebody feeling the need to cool your home down when it gets a little too warm, here are some useful tips.


#1: Make sure your air-con is working

Air conditioners naturally make our homes feel cooler, as they draw heat energy out of the house and transfer it outdoors. The aircon then replaces the warm air inside with cooler air. If you have an aircon at home, this will be your best bet at staying cool. But make sure it’s working, because clogged air filters and broken motors are common, so you will need to get it repaired if it’s not functioning properly. Check out the signs of a run-down AC here

#2: Focus on your windows

According to family handyman, roughly 30 percent of unwanted heat comes through our windows. For this reason, you should find ways to limit the heat coming through. You can do this with blackout curtains, shades, and this solar film for windows. Especially when you use a set of shades, you can open and close them with ease depending on the intensity of the sunlight coming through. You can save on electricity too, as you won’t be reliant on your AC if you can block some of the sunlight coming through your windows. 


#3: Swap your bed sheets

If you haven’t changed your winter bedding yet, now is the time to do so. Not only will this be the hygienic thing to do, but sheets that are perfect for the warmer weather will also help you get to sleep at night. After all, it can be difficult to nod off when the bedroom is warmer than usual, and woollen and flannel bedsheets don’t help matters. Cotton and linen sheets can be recommended, as they are the most breathable. Check out these best bedsheets for warmer weather and make the switch when you feel the time is right. 


#4: Lower your body temperature

When the temperature inside your home becomes uncomfortable, do what you can to lower your body temperature. You can do this without getting into an ice-filled bath by wearing lighter clothes, sipping cool drinks throughout the day, and putting your feet in a bowl of cool water when you’re sitting down to relax. You should take frequent breaks throughout the day too, especially if you’re somebody who is always on their feet. Lots of activity and exercise can raise our core temperatures, so chill out (literally) by resting intermittently.  

These tips should be useful for springtime and beyond, so if you can’t stand the heat, do what you can to follow them! 

*Contributed post

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