Signs that you need to call a tree surgeon

Signs that you need to call a tree surgeon
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With the right tree surgeon, you can prevent issues in the foundations of your home, take better care of your trees, and make your garden look larger and full of sunshine. But many people leave it too late and end up causing expensive problems that could have been easily avoided. 


It’s important to understand the warning signs that your tree needs care and attention from a professional before it’s too late. So, to give you more peace of mind and save you money in the long term, here are the main signs that you need to find a tree surgeon.


The branches on the tree are dying 


There are many ways you can learn about the health of a tree. But one of the most significant indicators of a tree surgeon being needed is that the branches are dead or in the process of dying. 


So, how are you able to tell whether those branches are beginning to die? A key warning sign is in the colour of the branches, as they tend to have a much different shade of colour than other trees of their ilk. 


If the branch has a little break, you may also be able to tell by checking how easy it is broken open. A healthy tree will still have some resistance, and if it’s a sturdy tree in good health, there will be a green colour on the inside of the branch. 


Also, if you’ve noticed a change in the shape of a branch, this may mean it’s unhealthy, as dying branches struggle to hold their original shape. 


There are some signs of damage in the roots


You may think that finding root damage in a tree is impossible due to its lack of visibility, but there are a number of ways you can pinpoint damaged roots by keeping an eye on the overall surface of the tree itself. 


If your tree seems to be wilting more than usual, chances are it isn’t finding any nutrients to stay full of life. In other words, the roots aren’t finding what they need to stay alive from the earth surrounding them. 


Safely removing a tree like this is essential, because the roots of a tree can damage housing pipes and other foundations of a home in the search for these nutrients. A good tree surgeon will be able to sort these roots out without killing the tree, but it’s important to take action as soon as possible if you notice these signs.


The tree crown is too large


The size of a tree is one of the most important indicators of whether it needs to be cut down or not, but it’s also not always an easy one to spot. Why? Because if you’ve had the tree on your property for years, it may not be something you actively notice on a daily basis. 


The crown of a tree is essentially the entire top part, including the trunk, leaves, and branches. Try to take note of how much it shades areas of your garden, as there’s a good chance it’s blocking out a great deal of sun from there that you’d not noticed before. 


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