WIN: A Bundle of Five Games

WIN: A Bundle of Five Games
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It feels weird to start every blog post at the moment with “I hope you are all safe and well”, but at the moment it feels like the only appropriate opener I can come up with. Over the last few weeks, I have spent my time trying to make the best of the situation at hand. It’s hard. Don’t get me wrong some days it’s all emotion and overwhelm, but there are definite positives too. One of which has been the amount of family time we have enjoyed.

I’m almost embarrassed to say now that family time was often pushed down the priority list in our house. Of course, weekends were spent together often going on adventures but our week was dominated by work, school and clubs. Even on the quiet days, I would be so exhausted I didn’t value the time with the people I love. Well, thanks to the current climate I have an abundance of time to spend with my family and although work and schooling is still a big part managing our time is helping really milk every drop of quality time together. One thing we have started doing is playing board games together. Sometimes Hugo is involved and for the more complex games, we play when Hugo is in bed. It’s added variety and fun in a void that I didn’t even know existed. Do you enjoy board games with your family?

If you like playing games and you’d like some new ones to try, then you are in luck. I have a fantastic prize bundle featuring five fun and exciting games perfect for the whole family to play.

Shake Off

This is a fun and exciting game featuring Shake-O-Meters which sees players in a fitness style battle between their opponents. The spinner decides where the Shake-O-Meters is worn and how you will shake it. You could be jumping, running on the spot or entirely freestyle with a Shake-O-Meter attached to your waist, arm, bum or leg until the claxon sounds. Who wins the round? Whoever gets the highest score! This is a great game to incorporate movement and release some of that pent up energy we are all experiencing while being utterly hilarious at the same time!

Suitable for ages 4+. Available from *Amazon.

Think Words

This game is suitable for the whole family and from 2 to 8 players. It’s a fast-thinking word game which on the surface seems easy but add the pressure of the timer and watch your mind go completely blank! The last player left wins! How will you fare? Available from *Amazon.

Clock It

With this game, you have to mime, draw or say what’s on the card without actually using the words! It’s a race against time to see how many cards you can complete before the timer runs out. There are three different play modes, and it is suitable for two or more players! Available from *Amazon.

The Great Game of Britain

A race across Britain’s historic rail network that will see you visiting different destinations across Britain. Watch out though the race is on and there are some sneaky hazards and station closures to watch out for. Suitable for 2- 6 players ages 7+. Available from *Amazon.

Classic Games Compendium

This is over 100 games in one – perfect for family game nights and keeping everyone entertained. Games such as Ludo, Chess, Snakes & Ladders, to name a few all with full instructions and required pieces there is endless fun to be had. Available from *Amazon.


This selection of games is sure to cure boredom and entertain! Do you want a chance at winning this fantastic prize bundle? You can enter for free using the Gleam widget below. Don’t forget to come back and complete the daily entries every day for more chances to win. Entrants must be 18 or over and a UK resident. Please read the terms and conditions before entering. Good luck!! Make sure you head over here for more giveaways!

Games Bundle

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*Features gifted PR samples. Links marked with "*" are affiliate links.

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