Weekend Adventures – Spending Time Together

Weekend Adventures – Spending Time Together

Our weeks are often a juggling act of after-school clubs, swimming and tying up loose ends with work. Henry has also just finished SAT’s week so our time was quite consumed by that.  My husband Ollie has a fair commute to work on the days he goes into the office, and that means early starts and later finishes. We would love to do more as a family in the week, but it is so difficult finding the hours I the day which is why we have bee making a conscious effort to do more at the weekends.

Recently we visited Beeston Castle, and we also had a short break during the February half term at Center Parcs. These are the moments I live for they are what makes the daily grind worth it in the end, but it’s not necessarily about the location or spending money it’s mostly about being together and enjoying each others company.

Finding Adventure in the Weekend

Last weekend we headed out for an adventure right on our very doorstep. We took a walk along some footpaths that wet right across the fields and flashes right where we live. Hugo loves being in the baby carrier and just taking in all of his surroundings, and Henry likes the freedom to roam free without the risk of traffic or cars to contend with. That is probably my favourite thing about living in the country, and away from that city life we were so used to.

I adore Manchester don’t get me wrong it is in my eyes home, and I think it always will be, but we had in so many ways ‘grown out of it.’ When we were younger and had no kids, it was perfect being so close to a big city, and even as the years went on, it meant that Ollie never had far to commute. There was excellent access to everything, and we were spoilt in so many ways with convenience. It’s much quieter where we live now, and you can hear bird song, and I find I get outside more just to be present! We are incredibly lucky to have rolling fields on our doorstep with some fantastic public walks. It makes exploring them on the weekend a free and fun adventure.

Weekend Adventures

We headed across a farmers field that contained cattle which Hugo found absolutely hilarious for some reason. I have to admit I was slightly worried that they were getting close and they seemed friendly enough but you never really know do you!! I have to admit it was nice getting out and stretching my legs for a change and just breathing in a bit of fresh air! I’ve felt a bit confined these last few weeks, and it’s good to have a digital detox every once in a while.

Where would you recommend having some weekend adventures?

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