3 Simple Side Hustles That Bring Home The Bacon

3 Simple Side Hustles That Bring Home The Bacon
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People across the world are looking for new sources of income to help make ends meet. The good news is there are plenty of opportunities out there if you are motivated and know how to turn a talent or an interest into a revenue stream. Here are three of the best to help you get started.


Content Creation Is King

For a quick and simple side hustle with a massive potential for extra income, you should consider content creation. Writing blogs, scripts, and advertising information pays good money if you are a good writer and know how to make a sale. This is a massively expanding arena, as more and more businesses get to grips with digital marketing and engaging with consumers on social media.


Businesses specialising in healthcare digital marketing are experiencing a massive surge in demand for content. Medico Digital are experts in eCommerce that bring digital marketing techniques to the healthcare space and produce medically accurate and scalable content for a variety of brands and businesses. Writing content that is engaging and informative, and medically accurate, is one of the highest value skills in digital marketing and can create a fantastic and convenient revenue stream for talented writers that can work from home on a freelance basis.


Dropship For The Win

If you have spent any time scrolling through your social media feeds lately, you will have noticed lots of accounts promoting gadgets and gizmos that make life a little easier. Kitchen equipment is a common sight on the socials. Have you seen those glass and mug cleaners that clip onto the kitchen sink? They are massively popular online, and tomorrow it will be a new trendy item flooding the feeds.


You can cash in on all these trends by identifying popular products online and searching for wholesale deals direct from suppliers. You can buy products for just a few quid per item and sell them on an eBay store or Amazon-affiliated account for three, four, or even ten times as much. What makes dropshipping so effective is that the supplier dispatches your orders. They hold the stock for you, and sites like Shopify will automatically forward the details of your sales and get the product to the consumer.


Online Market Trading

Do you have a little bit of Del-boy and Rodney Trotter inside of you, waiting to come out? Buying low and selling high is the most fundamental element of wealth creation. Trading with people is a quick and simple way to make some extra money, and thanks to the internet, anyone can become an independent, global trader selling in markets across the world, and you do not need a yellow Reliant Robin to do it.


If you can spot a bargain in a charity shop or Facebook Marketplace, you have nearly everything you need to start bringing home the big bucks. Spot cheap deals on the high street and in your local area online, and sell for a profit online through sites like eBay, Etsy, or even your own Shopify store. You can even create a following on social media to help promote your sales and build a base of regular customers.


Don’t wait for a lucky windfall to appear out of nowhere, seize the day and take control of your financial future. With these three handy side hustles, you can start to generate fresh funds to help pay the bills, or pay for some well-deserved treats for you and your family.

*Collaborated post

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