Why A Family Picnic Is A Winning Idea (AD)

Why A Family Picnic Is A Winning Idea (AD)

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It’s not often I feel like I am winning at this parenting malarkey, but when it comes to family picnics I feel like a genius! The bank holiday is approaching, and I’ve put together some reasons why I think a family picnic is a winning idea!

Feeling Fancy?

The greatest thing about a family picnic is you can be as fancy or as simple as you like. If you want to go all out and pack canapes, anti-pasto plates and prosecco for the adults then go for it, but you are just as welcome to pack some fridge raid sandwiches and a bottle of diluted squash! 

Fresh Air for Everyone

It gets the kids outside. I’ve already spoken on here about wanting to get my kids outside more this summer and to be honest they really have embraced that but let’s be honest the back garden can get a little same old, and that’s why picnics are a great adventure. It gets the kids off their iPads and out into the great outdoors where they can fill their lungs with some fresh air and tire themselves out running around!

Here, There or Everywhere

You can pitch up and have a picnic anywhere… literally. I’m not joking when I say my granny once pitched up on the bank at the side of the M62. Granted we had broken down and we were waiting for a recovery truck, but it didn’t stop her unpacking some sandwiches and sliced scotch eggs and making the most of it! Picnics don’t have to be fancy or well-planned out you can head to the local park or if you want to get away from it all head to a nearby forest or beach.

You Don’t Need Much

A family picnic can be as simple as throwing some sandwiches in a bag and heading on your way. You really don’t require any specialist equipment or expensive kit to have a good time. My essentials are:

  • A large throw – the bigger, the better (I love the Chevron Cotton Fringed Throw I got from Studio its 228x254cm.) 
  • A Picnic Basket – keeps all the food together and neat.
  • Something for Entertainment – could be a ball to kick around or recently we have been loving the family games from Garden Games. They pack up into a handy bag perfect for taking on the move.

Save Money on a Day Out

Picnics are a great addition to a family day out and can save money. Let’s be honest and admit that days out with the kiddos can get pricey. If you head off for the day, you can bet there will be some kind of admission charge, parking fees not to mention fuel or travel expenses to get there in the first place. Then on top of that, you’ve got to actually feed the children too! We’ve been on a few days out this school holiday, and with the inflated prices of food, it turns a lovely day out into a considerable expense. Taking a family picnic means that you can save money on overpriced food and still have a great time together. 

No Mess No Problem 

My favourite thing about alfresco dining is mess and crumbs are really not a problem. The clean-up is so much easier when having a picnic and there really is no concern over crumbs! Once you are done all the rubbish can be put into a bag to be taken home to be thrown away!

A family picnic can be a low budget fun activity to do together on the bank holiday or a nice weekend. Do you enjoy a family picnic in the summer?

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*Paid Post In Partnership With Studio


  1. fionajk42
    5th September 2019 / 10:16 pm

    We always enjoy picnics, either in a local park or at a nearby beach.

    • sophiegw
      22nd September 2019 / 11:38 am

      Yes our fave spots too!!

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