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Our Kids Crack Us Up

I don’t know about you but my kid can say and do some funny stuff. He’s quirky and his personality has me in hysterics at times! I was tagged by Cassie from Lily’s Little Learners to list 5 things Henry says or does that are funny so here goes!!

  1. Telling me the food I give him is ‘Inappropriate for a five-year-old.’ – Seriously? I’m not serving steak tartare or anything I literally fed him chicken and rice!!!
  2. Telling everyone he made Easter nests out of shredded weed. Yup this one almost got us a visit from social services. ‘Shredded Wheat, you mean Shredded Wheat darling!!!’
  3. Singing – I don’t even know where to start with this. The words are wrong, the tune is wrong but the effort is all there baby! He literally has me in hysterics when he breaks out a verse of an Ed Sheeran song mashed up with Jingle Bells in Summer!!
  4. Dancing – This kids got moves. Funny moves but still moves.
  5. Emailing me to say he’s going to the toilet. Hello future generations! My son will happily take himself off to the toilet and out of pure politeness shoot me over a quick email to let me know!! He’s five and the worlds gone mad!
Do your kids do anything funny that just cracks you up? Let me know in the comments below!!

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Love as always!

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