#OGGetKidsIntoGolf – Henry’s First Experience With Golf

#OGGetKidsIntoGolf campaign

#OGGetKidsIntoGolf Event

A couple of weekends ago as a family we were invited to attend a fun golfing event held by Online Golf. The aim of their event was to get more kids into golf – something as a mother I had never thought about myself. They have created the hashtag: #OGGetKidsIntoGolf and the event itself was wonderful.

      #OGGetKidsIntoGolf campaign

Trying Golf

Personally I have had very little experience with golf. I have maybe played crazy golf a handful of times and I know very little about the rules or concept really. My husband Ollie is far more interested than me and has a good general knowledge behind the sport. He occasionally plays the odd game with friends and visits the driving range every now and again. When it comes to Henry I would never have put the two together but after the event I was left wondering why not?

#OGGetKidsIntoGolf campaign

Online Golf set up a number of different stations for the kids (and adults!) to try different golf. It was really fun with different games and a chance for everyone to try holding different clubs and putters.

#OGGetKidsIntoGolf campaign

They had:

  • A 6 Hole Indoor Golf Course
  • Golf ten-pin bowling
  • Chipping Nets with Pro Instructors!!!!

We also had the opportunity to chat with the Pro Instructors and hear their thoughts on the #OGGetKidsIntoGolf campaign and why they felt it was important. It was great to hear how golfing can be a great bonding exercise for children and their parents, great exercise, it’s a non aggressive and low accident risk sport and it gets kids outside in the fresh air!! I think as a parent we all can relate to why #OGGetKidsIntoGolf would benefit our children!!

What did the Kids Think?

Henry really enjoyed himself and has since asked a number of times about playing golf which really surprised me. Speaking with the people from Online Golf it was interesting to know that most golf courses will offer a childs package or lessons – again something I would never have known! On the back of the Online Golf event as a family I definitely feel we will be incorporating golf more. It was obvious how much Henry really enjoyed himself and exploring this further is an exciting prospect.

#OGGetKidsIntoGolf campaign

What did the Parents Think?

After the event I do think that #OGGetKidsIntoGolf is a really important campaign. Sport for kids can be whatever they are interested in and golf in my eyes had always been an ‘adults’ game. I realise after speaking to the wonderful people at Online Golf that it;s simply not the case! Any child can play golf! It isn’t restricted by height or gender which is refreshing.

#OGGetKidsIntoGolf & Schools

Speaking to the people behind Online Golf and the #OGGetKidsIntoGolf campaign it was lovely to hear that they are trying to get more pro instructors into school to expose children to the world of golf. It makes a lot of sense and as a parent I would completely welcome this. At present Henry’s school have a pro football coach teach them football skills once a week but it would be fantastic to extend this to other sports particularly those that are less common like golf. It’s evident from the #OGGetKidsIntoGolf event that kids can benefit hugely from taking part in golf!

#OGGetKidsIntoGolf campaign

More From Online Golf & the #OGGetKidsIntoGolf Campaign

For more information about Online Golf please visit their website here.

You can also follow them on Twitter here: @Online_golf and it would be great to hear your thoughts about the #OGGetKidsIntoGolf campaign by using the hashtag on Twitter.

Do your kids have any experience with golf? If it something you would consider getting them into?

#OGGetKidsIntoGolf campaign

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*This post was written in collaboration with Online Golf and is based on my experience at the #OGGetKidsIntoGolf family event. As always all views, opinions and words are my own. For full information please visit this page.



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