Happiness Is Simply A Choice We Make

Happiness Is Simply A Choice We Make

I’m going to tell you something which may make you uncomfortable, but happiness is a choice. If you are going through a rough patch, I imagine you will struggle to accept this concept, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Happiness Is A Choice They Say – I Don’t Believe It!

When I first learned that happiness was a choice, I argued the point every which way possible. The idea that I would ever choose anything over happiness seemed ludicrous and unrealistic. Who in their right mind chooses misery when happiness is an option? No, happiness was not a choice; it’s a circumstance in which you are blessed with – or so I naively thought.

Although it seems an exaggeration, happiness is a choice you can make every single day, and once you make that discovery, you will feel the world around you change in such a magnificent way.

True Happiness

To fully utilise happiness, you cannot allow life’s circumstances to hold you against your will. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Release anything that does not and is not serving you. We as humans carry around a tremendous amount of baggage that we do not need, thus taking up space we could be using for joy.

Happiness is not found in people, places or things. If you rely on people to bring you happiness, you will never be truly happy because that type of happiness can be taken away from you. The same is, in fact, true for places and things. True happiness has to be found from within. If you can find happiness within, then the world around you opens up in ways you could never imagine.

Why Are You Not Choosing Happiness Today?

So if happiness is a choice, what’s stopping you from choosing it today? Are you holding onto old resentments? Carrying over a bad mood? Or are you simply choosing misery first?

When I look back, I realise there were many situations where I allowed happiness to fall secondary to misery. I, in fact, chose misery over happiness. Yet, if you’d asked me if I’d ever chosen misery over happiness, I would, of course, recoil against the question and deny it venomously.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s uncomfortable to admit that at least some of the misery I have faced has been through a choice. A choice I consciously made but one I’d tell you I would never in a million years choose. So can you relate? Can you admit that in some way, possibly, maybe you chose misery when happiness was an option? Admittance and witness is the first step in unlocking the key to true happiness moving forward.

Is there something you can do in this very moment to shift how you feel? Surrender, release or abandonment of worry? Can you change the choice you made this morning from one of misery back to happiness? It’s easy to forget, but I need you to remember that happiness is a choice. Which will you choose?

So, I’ll ask you again, and I want you to answer with honesty and integrity – are you choosing happiness today?

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