How To Give Yourself The Retro Look In 2022

How To Give Yourself The Retro Look In 2022
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Retro styles imitate classic fashion trends from the past. Mainstream clothing styles can be overly generic and unoriginal. Consumers seem to love a good comeback and purchase retro items online and in stores in truckloads when it comes to retro clothing trends. 

Some examples of exciting retro clothing items include funky colourful floral shirt prints, leather boots, berets, miniskirts, big hair, bold prints, headscarves, leather jackets, punk and rocker clothing, and many more.  Take a look at this article to give yourself some inspiration.

Get Yourself A Funky Pair Of Tinted Shades

No retro fashion makeover is quite complete without a jazzy pair of shades. Get creative about the shapes and colours you want your shades to come in. You may even try and get yourself a pair of circular shades (or ‘tea shades’) like John Lennon from the Beatles used to wear. 

Wear Cool Classic Clothes From The 1960s

The swinging 60s were well known for a few really quirky items of iconic clothing synonymous with that moment in time, including things such as vinyl trench coats, vinyl jackets, colourful headscarves, skinny scarves, mini/pencil skirts, waist-high wide-leg trousers, leather boots and so on. Luckily, you will find that clothing retailers still sell a wide range of retro clothes from the 60s era in 2022. Go into stores or online to purchase your favourite retro items of 1960s clothing.

Retro Sports Gear 

Vintage shell suit jackets, puffer jackets, retro sports shirts are trendy going into 2022. Everything was louder, brighter, and clothes often came with bold patterns and jazzy eccentric designs back in the day. Retro sports gear can also be very practical as well as fashionable. You can go for a jog or play football or tennis, for example, wearing your latest retro sports gear. Moreover, sports gear is often waterproof too, so you will be able to keep yourself dry from the rain. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a retro football kit and support Manchester United for instance, check out Classic Football Kit’s Collection of retro Manchester United football shirts. This reliable online store is quite simply a paradise for any lovers of vintage footy shirts out there.

Getting A Retro Hairdo Is Vital

When trying to make yourself look all retro and vintage, your haircut is undoubtedly an essential element of your appearance. Back in the day, men often had slick pushed back hair, and women often had big hairdos. You may want a mop-top or a beehive hairstyle, for instance, to give yourself an authentic retro look and come across as someone from a classic era in the past. So, go out there and try and find a barber or hair salon near you that is able to do retro haircuts.

Retro Facial Hair Designs For Men

There have been various men’s facial hair design styles throughout the years. The handle moustache, long sideburns, and chin curtains are some prime examples of retro men’s facial hairstyles. Nothing says retro men’s style more than a well-crafted moustache. 

These are just a few tips so you can go out in the street in 2022 wearing some excellent looking retro gear. 

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