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Living in the Past

We as humans spend a lot of time reliving the past. What’s the point though? We can’t change something that’s happened? Living in the past often creates feelings of depression. Where you beat yourself up or over analyse EVERYTHiNG. I’m guilty of this. Often the moments we choose to go over are the bad ones. The ones that make us uncomfortable, angry or sad. We like to talk about what happened to everyone and anyone that will listen which only makes us more uncomfortable, angry or sad. It’s torturous really but something we continually do.


Living in the Future

When we aren’t living in the past, we are worrying about the future. This causes feelings of anxiety, panic and fear. We question:

What if? 

I bet that 90% of that time is spent worrying about something that never happens. I too am guilty of this! I’ve had sleepless nights worrying myself stupid over things that never transpired, built up purely by the fear in my own mind. We don’t truly know what’s going to happen in the future so why do we get ourselves so worried?

Living in the now

What About the Now?

One thing I am not guilty of is living in the moment. So we spend all of this time going over the past and the rest of the time worrying about the future and the whole time what’s actually happening is the present is SAILING BY. The moments that should have our attention are the current, what’s happening right at this very moment. As it happens though the majority of our energy is focused behind or in front. I’ve really been trying to consciously live for the here and now because I realised that all of these moments are just passing me by.

Of course it is good to go over past events after all it’s how we grow. It’s good to look to the future because thats how we stay inspired. What we actually need to do though is enjoy today. Enjoy this moment right now.

Do you find yourself living in the past or the future and missing out on the here and now?

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living in the moment


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