Incorporating the Beauty of Oak Beams at Home

oak beams

This year has been a busy and intense journey so far. Both myself and my husband have barely stopped work to breathe. We were in desperate need of a holiday and some time away from the hustle and bustle to reconnect as a family. Stitch our French bulldog is still a puppy and therefore requires a huge amount of time and attention. Normally when we go away our friends look after Roly our older bulldog but I couldn’t expect them to take Stitch – especially as they both work full time. I couldn’t even contemplate the idea of kennels so we made the decision to stay within the UK and take the dogs with us.

We stayed in a beautiful quaint cottage set in the mountains a short drive from the beach something we have never done before. The place was stunning with a view of the Snowdonia National Park. There were huge mountains, fields of green lush grass and thick wooded walks for days. We explored every inch absorbing the landscape like a sponge and making the absolute most of our time there.

It wasn’t just the location that filled me with contentment though the cottage itself was beautiful with its bold structure and gorgeous oak beams. It made me realise that was what I had been looking for in my quest for perfection at home. That character and distinction that houses nowadays lack so much of.

oak beams

Growing Up

Growing up I lived in a converted property with an open fireplace, original stone steps and exposed oak beams – you just don’t get property like that anymore. That house was unique in its own right and I have such fond memories made within its thick walls. When we first moved to Manchester when it was just my husband and I we wanted trendy, hip and new. A far cry from what we were both used to. Crisp white walls striped of all personality. We looked at several houses before we found our home but all were uniformed – much the same. It’s only now I realise there were no features that made them stand out from each other, nothing that made them unique or characteristic just four walls and a roof.

As we have grown older I feel myself drawn back to my roots longing for that character of my childhood home. I’ve been looking at different ways we could achieve this and mainly focusing on different oak beams for sale. There is something about exposed beams that feels like home. I like that rustic feel it gives a room its own sense of presence making it a place you want to spend time in.

oak beams

Oak Beams at Home

I feel inspired and driven by our stay in our little Welsh cottage and the idea of incorporating my childhood home with my sons childhood home fills me with excitement. Isn’t it funny how as we grow older our tastes change? Would you ever consider adding more character to your home or is there a feature you look for when purchasing a property?

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