True Friends Can Be Hard to Come by

true friends

True Friends Can Be Hard to Come by and That’s the Truth

I’ve always said that true friends are hard to come by. I can honestly count on my right hand my real friends. That’s not to say i don’t have a whole bunch of acquaintances because I do. But a true friend, a real friend is hard to find.

True Friends

Full time Friend

For me when I’m in a friendship I give it my all. I’m not a part-time, terms and conditions apply friend. If you call me in the middle of the night I’ll be there, if you need money it will already be in your account and if you just need a shoulder to cry on you can bet you’ve got it. For me friends are like family and if I care about you enough to let you in my circle then you better believe you’re like a sibling to me.

Just Because I’m Generous Doesn’t Mean I’m a Fool

My judgement isn’t always on point and sometimes people I thought were true friends are actually not even close. I have been taken advantage of on more than one occasion. You see for me friendship is two ways so yes I will be there for you whenever you need me but all I ask is when I need it you return the favour. Some ‘friends’ are only true friends when they are on the receiving end of the benefits. I’m not stupid though, despite what you believe. I don’t always shout up and cause confrontation but I see everything.

If You Find a True Friend Hold Onto Them

I realise that not everyone is lucky enough to have true friends in their lives. When you do meet a true friend, hold on to them because when your ships sinking they are the ones who will be there to help. True Friends

I couldn’t possibly write this post without mentioning my bestest, true friend Kate. She always tells me when I thank her ‘That’s what any friend would do.’ If only that were true what a wonderful place the world would be. You see a true friend, like Kate doesn’t believe she’s going above and beyond because she’s just doing what feels right in her heart. Shes special and I am incredibly lucky to have her in my life.

Are you lucky enough to have a true friend in your life?

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true friends



  1. Issy Fox
    21st February 2017 / 7:13 pm

    I agree with every word, when I was younger I was desperate to be in a big gang of friends and now I’m older I really appreciate the few loving and loyal ones that I have.

  2. Tereza
    22nd February 2017 / 7:32 am

    Awh this is such a lovely post! I find it very difficult to make new friends, not because I find it hard to talk to people but I suppose because I’m such a specific character that it’s so hard to find compatible people that I can’t really be bothered to go through all the bad eggs haha. I’m definitely more of a ‘only a few very good friends’ person rather than having a bunch! x

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