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Awair 2nd Edition

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It’s not new information that the air we breathe in today isn’t as clean as it was years ago. Children breathe in more air per minute based on their size than adults do, making them more vulnerable to breathing in polluted air than we do as adults. Poor air quality can lead to illness and unpleasant health conditions that we, of course, want to avoid. During the night children are breathing in the same air continuously for long periods, so it’s essential that the quality of air is the best it can be. There are often things we can do to help improve the air quality in a room if we are aware of the issues at hand and that’s where Awair comes in.

Awair 2nd Edition– Helping Improve Air Quality

If you ask any parent if they want to increase the quality of the air their children breathe in at night, I imagine every single one would answer yes. Of course, as caregivers, we want the absolute best for our children right down to the air that they breathe. It’s great that we want to proactively help the air quality, but first, you need to know where to start.

Hugo has just turned one and is about to move into his own room for the first time. We have done everything possible to make the room comforting for him, and thanks to Awair, we can monitor the quality of the air he breathes in too! Awair is a small device no more significant than an alarm clock that monitors the temperature, humidity, dust, carbon dioxide and chemical levels.

Awair 2nd Edition

Making Changes

After the Awair has assessed the air, it gives you personalised recommendations and tips on how to improve the air quality. When we first started using the Awair, the humidity levels in our room were high. We have recently moved into a newly built property, and the house is constructed efficiently to keep drafts out and stop heat from escaping. This is perfect in the winter and means that we don’t need the heating on as much because we aren’t losing heat in the same way an older house might. The problem lies with the lack of air flow. For good quality air, you still need that air flow, and the Awair instantly alerted us to this and gave us a great tip to open the air vents on the windows, and it even tells us when it recommends we open a window.

Since we made these small changes, the score on the Awair changed to a much happier level, and I would even say it had a positive impact on our sleep. Hugo has never been a good sleeper, and he is still yet to sleep through the whole of the night, but before we made these changes, he was waking up frequently for no known reason. Since getting the Awair we have noticed a real positive impact on his quality of sleep – he still wakes up a couple of times but the periods between are much longer. When he has had a bad night if we look at the Awair, there is usually a direct correlation between something flagging on there and the sleep. Both my husband and I have also reported waking up feeling like our sleep quality was much better!

Awair 2nd Edition

Our Thoughts

Having the Awair gives me peace of mind because if the air reaches dangerous levels of either fine dust, temperature, humidity, CO2 or chemicals, it will alert me giving me a chance to investigate and rectify the situation. These are often things that are hard to monitor by the human eye but can have severe consequences if not dealt with efficiently.

At the moment we are using the Awair in our bedroom because that’s where Hugo is, but when we transfer him to his own room it will be going with him, and we are already discussing getting another one for my older sons room and one for our room. The sleek design means that it fits in easily with any décor and looks just like a clock. We have found the interface of the app incredibly easy to use and navigate. I worried that it was going to be a bit of a fad idea and one of those devices nobody really needs I genuinely have no complaints. As a parent to a young baby and a child suffering from allergies, this is an essential item every home could use!

If you want to find out more about the Awair 2nd Edition head over to their website here.

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