Little Brian Paint Sticks – A No Mess Paint Solution?

Little Brian Paint Sticks

I’m a Bad Mother

Have you ever heard about those Mums that don’t let their child paint at home? They will go to any lengths to bargain their way out of having to drag that arts and crafts box out from under the stairs. The mere thought of the chaos said painting will create is enough to overwhelm them beyond comprehension. I hate to admit that I am in fact one of those Mums. *GASPS* Could Little Brian Paint Sticks be the answer to my prayers?

I know, I know it’s hard to believe my life isn’t one big Pinterest board of fun! Don’t get me wrong I have huge Mummy guilt about it! I would literally rather lay my body down and allow my five year old to ride his bike over me in rapid succession than dust off those paints. Why? I’ll tell you why because painting with your kids at home isn’t quite how it looks on Pinterest. Scratch that. painting at home with MY CHILD isn’t anything like Pinterest.

On Pinterest the children are all doe eyed and smiley and the Mums look relaxed and laid back. They don’t tell you that by the end of the activity the five-year old is in tears and the Mother is rocking back and forth on a paint drowned floor in the fetal position! So we have a rule in our house that painting is only ever done on extremely special occasions.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks: What’s the deal?

So Little Brian Paint Sticks claim to be ‘All the fun, less mess.’ Which is, as you can appreciate music to both mine and my sons ears. Painting with no mess?? Really? 

We tested out two packs of Little Brian Paint Sticks. Six of the ‘Day Glow’ and six of the ‘Metallic.’

Little Brian Paint Sticks

First Impressions

Instantly I was impressed with the colour selection. In both sets the colours are bold and bright, perfect for creating beautiful artwork. The paint sticks work just like a glue stick by twisting the bottom. Each one comes with a cap and is simple and easy for little hands to use and hold. The paint itself has no odor and dries really fast. Far faster than conventional paints! #winning The colours are just as bold on paper as they are in the tube which was refreshing! There is literally no mess. No need for handwashing. No need to renovate my kitchen. Not a ruined piece of clothing in sight! My son literally had a good old paint session but you would have assumed he had used coloured pencils!

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Henrys View

For Henry the fact he was able to paint without me standing over him like some neurotic weirdo was excitement alone. He found the paint sticks easy to use and most importantly fun. Since our initial use he has used them several times and is enjoying creating masterpieces whenever he feels creative.

A Mums Opinion

There isn’t much not to like if I’m honest. A little goes a long way and despite the fact we have been using the Little Brian Paint Sticks constantly, there is still loads of life left in them. As they are self contained in their own packaging there is no storage issues and can be easily bundled into a draw with all the other arts and crafts supplies with no risk of leakage or spilling. This product is a Mothers dream and answer to all my prayers of late.

Little Brian Paint Sticks


There is no need for brushes or water so all you need is the Little Brian Paint Sticks and you are good to go. However if you want to be creative there are loads of additional creations you can do with the paint sticks. If you want to use a brush and some water you can blend the colours. I was nervous that this would just create extra mess but it is actually relatively mess free and easy to do. We had a quick go at blending and although Henry is no Picasso it gives the paint sticks an extra dimension making them perfect for older children too.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

One cool thing about the paint sticks is that they paint on most surfaces easily. This includes paper, card, wood and even glass. Henry had a little go painting on the French doors and he had such fun and it is so easy to wipe away when hes done! This will be a great Summer time activity for him!

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Want More From Little Brian Paint Sticks?

If you want to find out more about Little Brian Paint Sticks head over to their website here. If you want to purchase Little Brian Paint Sticks they are available on Amazon and  in Asda stores until April 26th.

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