Webbox Natural Treat Bar : Feeding My Dogs Better Than Myself

Webbox Natural Treat Bar

All About the Ingredients

I really, really love my dogs. I mean it’s pretty clear I love them considering I mention them more than my own hubby! I joke that Stitch, my French Bulldog, has replaced my husband. My husband however will tell you that it is no joke and in our family hierarchy he sits somewhere behind both dogs and Henry! Oops! Anyway, since I love my dogs you can bet that without any question I take serious care with what goes into their little bodies in the line of food and treats. Back when I was Henry’s age and we had our first family dog the quality of dog food was much lower across the board. It wasn’t uncommon for them to be packed with filler that wasn’t entirely well digested! Nowadays food quality has improved but I still check the ingredients so I am fully aware of what goes into my dogs meal! When my dogs were offered to try the new Webbox Natural Treat Bar I made sure I did my research first!

Webbox Natural Treat Bar

Webbox Natural Treat Bar

Webbox Natural Treat Bar

I’ve already mentioned Stitch, my French Bulldog but I also have an Olde English Bulldog named Roly. She doesn’t feature largely on my blog or social media because she is completely camera-shy. In fact when I point the camera at her she acts like it’s a gun! Anyway both being Bulldog breeds you can imagine they like their food!! Stitch will literally eat ANYTHING usually a whole bunch of stuff he shouldn’t! Roly has a more picky palette, not because she dislikes the taste of certain foods, it’s more because she is bone idle and refuses to chew anything! For that reason I am limited in the line of dog treats I can choose.

I was kindly sent the Webbox Natural Treat Bar in three different flavours:

Chicken with Pea and Blueberry

Lamb with Sweet Potato and Mint

Chicken with Duck and CranberryWebbox Natural Treat Bar

I LOVE that the packaging is like a health food bar for a human. When my husband saw them on the side he initially thought they were for him!!

Each 60g bar is individually wrapped and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – music to my ears. They are also gluten-free and contain natural antioxidants.

The bars themselves smell pleasant and are a good size for larger dogs and despite the fact they are firm to touch you can easily break them into smaller pieces which is ideal for my Frenchie!

Webbox Natural Treat Bar

Taste Test

Both dogs had a taste of each bar and the results were largely positive. Roly was quite content with the fact that it didn’t take a massive amount of effort to eat! She seemed very keen on the taste and enjoyed each flavour equally.

Stitch absolutely devoured each bite and was sniffing round the kitchen for ages trying to find more! Stitch enjoyed each flavour but he did have a mild obsession with the Chicken with Pea and Blueberry!

 Webbox Natural Treat Bar

As an Owner

As a dog owner I was very impressed with the Webbox Natural Treat Bar. I love that the bar is gluten-free and is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. I would recommend these bars for any dog you want to spoil! It’s interesting to know that Webbox Natural range also includes a daily food that is made with natural ingredients!

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This post was created in collaboration with Pets Choice & Webbox . I was kindly sent the treat bars to try on a gifting basis. All views, opinions and words, as always are my own. For more information regarding this please visit here.





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