I Wish I Could Make Time Stand Still – It’s All Going Too Fast


I wish I could make time stand still

I wish I could make time stand still and enjoy this moment for a minute longer. You’re growing, monthly, weekly, daily now. The time just seems to be flying by and I’m scared that I am not taking it all in. I wish I could make time stand still and cherish this moment forever. Take in every detail, every sound, smell, taste and feeling. Devote my full attention to the boy you are today because I know as early as tomorrow you will change.

I wish I could make time stand still

Where have the last few years gone?

Whenever I am asked how old you are I shock myself when I say your age. In my eyes you’ll always be that tiny baby that I felt kicking inside of me. Although right now you don’t even compare. You are tall and getting taller by the day. You are brave and getting braver by the day. I want to enjoy this journey with you but in the back of my mind, as a constant reminder I feel a pang of sadness. I love you more and more each day as you blossom and as you grow but a part of me misses the smaller version of you.

I begin to wonder if this is what life is. A journey of change and loss. A loss of who you were, who you are today and who you will be tomorrow. Change is good but it isn’t easy. I know one day you will be ready to fly out into the world and show everyone how great you are. I hope by then I am ready.

I know I won’t be.

That’s Life

It’s bitter sweet to see you grow in one sense I feel such pride at seeing the wonderful person you are becoming. On the other hand I feel such an overwhelming sadness that I will never get this moment back and you’ll never be that little again. I wish I could make time stand still, just for a moment, just for a day.

 I wish i could make time stand still

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