Nylabone Edibles Review & Thoughts

Nylabone Review

I’ve had Stitch my French Bulldog for almost a year and a half. There is no disputing that I adore him and want only the best for him as if he was my child! This is probably the main reason he can run rings around me! Recently we were sent some Nylabone Edibles and a new Nylabone chew that Stitch was of course happy to review.


Stitch in many ways is different to my Olde English Bulldog Roly. She is almost 10 but has never bothered with chewing or bones. It’s far too much effort when you can simply sleep all day! For Stitch he has enjoyed chewing from a pup. When he was teething he longed for something hard to gnaw on. When dogs are puppies their teeth are fragile and giving a puppy a bone that is too hard for them can cause irrepreble damage to their dental structure. I was recommended Nylabone Puppy Bones which are made from soft durable nylon. Stitch was instantly sold and the bone was firm enough to help with teething but soft enough to protect his delicate mouth. Ever since then we have continued to purchase Nylabones and they remain a firm favourite of his.

Nylabone Edibles

Being a big fan of Nylabone I was intrigued to learn about their Nylabone Edibles range. These wild bone shaped snacks are the perfect complimentary treat for dogs up to 11kg. They also do packs for medium and large dogs too!

Nylabone Edibles

As soon as I opened the pack you could smell the rich turkey flavour and it had both dogs drooling in anticipation. The little bones are hard which of course Stitch loves and he seems extremely excited about them! Both dogs will happily devour them and the make a great special treat.

Nylabone Edibles

We were also sent some half antler shaped venison snacks which are a great way to keep my little Frenchie entertained for a few minutes. These are like a hard-edible bone that make a great complimentary treat for small – medium sized dogs. Stitch loves the taste and he is constantly pestering me for more!!

Nylabone Antler Snacks

Nylabone Antler Snacks

Stitch’s favourite has to be the long lasting bacon flavoured Power Chew that makes a giggle stick sound. This is largely because he is greedy and this bone lasts a long time. He likes throwing it over with his nose to make the sound and it has kept him entertained for a while now without him becoming bored with it!


The Verdict

I had pretty high expectations for the Nylabone goodies we were sent. I have been impressed with their range for a while and I like the addition of the treats and edible bones to add into Stitch’s treat plan. He didn’t take much persuading in regards to any of the products and although the Power Chew is his favourite he highly rates every item he tried. He isn’t the type of dog that likes everything he can be really fussy when it comes to treats but these were a clear winner for us!


More from Nylabone

You can check out the full range of Nylabone products over on their website here. You can also catch them on Instagram @nylaboneuk

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