Organic Clothes for Children by Frugi

Frugi dungarees organic clothes

Being pregnant means I’ve been spending a lot of my time looking at kid’s clothes. Summer is (hopefully) coming and I love the idea of bright, fun kid’s clothes that are practical and comfortable! Frugi have just launched a new range of organic clothes for children that are exactly what I’m looking for.

Frugi – Organic Clothes for Children

Frugi have a gorgeous line of organic clothes for children that are super soft and chemical free making them ideal for new baby or sensitive skin! It also means that they are comfortable to wear which of course is exactly what we want for our children. There are many times, particularly in the Summer on a hot day where Henry is uncomfortable and it impacts him playing and having fun which is not what we want at all!!

Frugi organic clothes

Frugi do a range of different organic clothes ranging from baby up to 10 years old. They also have a gorgeous maternity section!

What did we choose?

Making any kind of choice on the Frugi website is hard. If you are looking for good quality organic clothes then it’s a haven of beautiful items! Henry picked his own outfit and I picked one for Baby Gillum-Webb but the decisions were not easy ones to make!

Frugi organic clothes


Henry has been loving his James Applique T-Shirt in sail blue featuring a cute croc. It’s nice and long so even when he is swinging from the monkey bars it doesn’t ride up and become uncomfortable! His T-Shirt goes nicely with his Scilly Shorts which are long and loose which help to keep him cool even when running around at the park.

Frugi organic clothes

Baby Gillum-Webb

Frugi organic clothes

For Baby Gillum-Webb I chose the Dune Dungaree and Reggie Raglan Body Suit. We didn’t find out the gender of our baby at the 20-week scan so I love that most of the Frugi range is suitable for either gender.

Frugi dungarees organic clothes

Our Thoughts

I was really impressed with the softness of the items and just knew they would be comfortable against skin even when playing on a hot day. This is particularly important for a new baby. The majority of clothes on the Frugi website could be chosen for a boy or girl and the emphasis is on the bright colours rather than gender. Henry has practically been living in his Frugi clothes since they arrived despite the fact that the good weather has been limited. He feels comfortable and unrestricted which is a refreshing change from the jeans he has been wearing all winter.

Frugi organic clothes

I’m excited for the new baby to wear their outfit when they arrive. I can see us now – on the beach enjoying the sun and both children wearing their fun clothes! Let’s just hope the British Summer weather holds out for us!

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