Sleep Safety with Silentnight Safe Nights

Silentnight Barton Square Arcade store at the Trafford Centre

One of the most important things when it comes to babies and children is sleep safety. I’m due in less than seven weeks and its one of the main factors on my mind. For this reason, I was very excited to check out the new Silentnight Safe Nights Nursery Collection at the Silentnight Barton Square Arcade store at the Trafford Centre.

Silentnight Barton Square Arcade – The Trafford Centre

I was invited to have a look around the Silentnight store at the Trafford Centre in Manchester to chat about sleep safety and their new Safe Nights Nursery Collection. The store has been open for around a year and is set in a wonderful and easily accessible location. The staff have a none pushy approach and it’s less about upselling and more about meeting the right needs and wants of the customer. I haven’t had much luck with mattresses in the past and I always seem to be talked into buying something that the sales man thinks is right and in reality, it’s entirely wrong. I discussed this with Sonny the store manager who admitted it is a common problem and why they take a different approach.

Sleep safety

Cot & Cot Bed Mattresses

When you think about buying a mattress you instantly think of a specialist seller such as Silentnight. Why? Simply because they are the experts and they can offer you the best advice, selection and guidance. So why is it that when we buy a cot mattress it’s not the case? When I bought my sons mattress almost seven years ago we went to a baby store and although the staff were knowledgeable and helpful they weren’t mattress or sleep specialists. Often any questions I had required them to check labels and packaging. When it comes to sleep safety, I want the best just like when I buy a mattress for myself. Silentnight have started selling cot mattresses which makes entire sense to me. You can go in and discuss your requirements with an expert who is completely trained in all aspects of a mattress.

Available Cot Mattresses

Silentnight currently have four different cot mattresses to suit a range of budgets and requirements ranging from £69-£149:

Safe Nights Essentials from £69

Silentnight Safe Nights Essential

  • Foam free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Support & pressure relief
  • Fully washable core
Safe Nights Airflow from £89

Silentnight Safe Nights Air Flow Mattress

  • 3D Mesh cover that promotes free airflow
  • Backed by Purotex – 100% natural treatment that combats moisture, mites & allergens
  • Fully washable core and cover
Safe Nights Luxury Pocket £129

Silentnight Safe Nights pocket

  • Provides responsive support for growing babies
  • Removable, washable quilted cover
  • Contains Purotex – 100% natural treatment that combats moisture, mites & allergens
Safe Nights Superior Pocket £149

Silentnight Safe Nights superior pocket

  • Additional lamb’s wool padding
  • Designed to regulate little one’s temperature
  • Double sided
  • Approved by Allergy UK
  • Quilted cover
  • Contains Purotex 100% natural treatment that combats moisture, mites & allergens

(Read more about each mattress on the Silentnight website here)

All mattresses are made in the UK and tested to the highest standards giving you that sleep safety peace of mind! I had a feel of each mattress and Sonny talked me through the extensive features of each one. Speaking to someone who has knowledge about these products gave me such reassurance and made me feel like I wasn’t choosing blindly. I went for the Safe Nights Superior Pocket as having that double-sided feature will be handy and in regards to price it isn’t much more for the extra benefits that are offered. That being said I would feel comfortable with any of the mattresses as they are all made to such a high sleep safety standard.

Silentnight Safe Nights Nursery Collection

Silentnight Safe Nights

It was also lovely to see that Silentnight also have a Safe Nights Nursery Collection including:

  • Fitted Moses basket sheets. – packs of two from £6.00

100% cotton, available in white, cream, pink, grey, pink star and grey star.

Silentnight Safe Nights

  • Fitted cot sheets – packs of two from £8.00

100% cotton, available in white, cream, pink, grey, pink star and grey star.

  • Baby sleep bags – 2.5 Tog sizes: 0-6 months or 6-12 months – from £19.00

Hypo allergenic, hollowfibre filling and 100% cotton cover.

Silentnight Safe Nights

  • Cute bubble blankets – £14.00

Generous 70 x 90cm and 100% polyester.

Silentnight Safe Nights

  • Hooded towels – £14.00

75 x 75 cm and 100% cotton.

Silentnight Safe Nights

Currently the range is available in grey and pink with a confirmed green coming soon. All the items are soft and made to a high quality which is particularly reassuring. All of the Safe Nights products have been produced in OEKO-TEX certified factories which is fantastic in regards to sleep safety. The fabric used is breathable which helps babies and little ones regulate their temperature for sleep safety and comfort.

I love the fact the range is available in a gorgeous grey colour making it gender neutral for those like me who didn’t find out their babies’ gender but also for those that want to avoid the standard blues and pinks when it comes to babies. Everything in the range is affordable, well made and easy to wash which is essential when it comes to kids! All products will retain shape and colour for up to 50 washes meaning that they will be long lasting!

You can find out more information and check out the full range available on the Silentnight website here.


The lovely people over at Silentnight have kindly offered to give one of you lucky readers a chance to win your own Silentnight Safe Nights Nursery Collection Bundle Including:

  • 1 x Sleep Bag 0-6 Months
  • 2 x Fitted Cot Bed Sheets
  • 2 x Fitted Moses Basket Sheets
  • 1 x Hooded Towel
  • 1 x Bubble Blanket
  • A Small Silent Night Hippo & Duck Cuddly Toy

Simply follow the steps in the Gleam Widget below to be in with a chance of winning. Please read the T&C’s before entering. Entrants must be 18 or over and live within the UK.


Sleep Safety

When it comes to sleep safety there is no compromise. As a parent it is reassuring for me to have that option to speak to an expert at a Silentnight store and find out any answers to questions I may have.

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Love as always!

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