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TrackR Bravo

Life is a Juggle

I’ve been writing recently about juggling my life and the roles in which I keep. Being a Mum, a Wife, pushing my own business and having a new puppy to name a few! It takes its toll and sometimes I feel like I’m not giving each section enough of my time. One thing that is crucial to stay on top of my game is organisation and one thing I can’t afford is to misplace crucial items! I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to losing my phone, the TV remote or my car keys!! If, like me you misplace things then that’s where The TrackR Bravo is a life saver!

TrackR Bravo

The TrackR Bravo

Have you ever wished you could ring your keys? Back in the ’90’s’ I had a key ring that would play a tune if you clapped to help find them! You literally had to be within a few feet of them which wasn’t great if you had no idea where you left them! The TrackR Bravo is proof that technology has come on ten fold and is in tune with our needs!

I started by downloading the free TrackR Bravo app from the google play store. It took a few short minutes to pair the TrackR Bravo with my device but once that was done I could clearly see the app tracking. I like the fact that the app can accommodate for more than one TrackR Bravo so if you wanted one for your keys, your remote etc it’s all in one place!

TrackR Bravo

Key Features

  • Small slim design that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional!
  • Multiple people can track the same TrackR Bravo so it’s perfect for items you share like the TV remote!
  • The TrackR Bravo can be customised with a picture UV-LED technology so it wont rub off.
  • If You have an Amazon Echo you can integrate the TrackR Bravo with Amazon Alexa!
  • The Battery is easy to replace
  • Perfect for attaching to your purse, wallet, TV Remote, Keys and even your Pets!

Testing, Testing

To test the TrackR Bravo I attached it to our family TV remote (something we frequently lose!) From the app I simply had to select the correct TrackR Bravo and press the green speaker button and I was able to hear the TrackR Bravo making an alarm sound. The app was able to show me when I was getting closer to the remote! I was actually really impressed by how well it worked!

The TrackR Bravo is easy to attach using the sticky tab or key ring provided. The device itself is non intrusive and sleek so it’s not an eyesore when attached.

One thing I LOVE is the idea of being able to attach the TrackR Bravo to the dog’s collar, in case he was ever in a position where he was spooked on a walk and ran off. I could use it as a tool to help locate him which would give me added peace of mind! They also do a waterproof case which is ideal if you are attaching to a pet!

TrackR Bravo

My Overall Opinion

I honestly feel like there are so many fad devices on the market and a lot of them are items we can easily live without! However I have to admit that this is one device I can’t see me being without now and in fact since trialling the TrackR Bravo we, as a family have already discussed getting more! The app is easy to use, set up and pair. You don’t need to be technically minded or a carbon copy of Albert Einstein to figure it out which is a huge plus for me!

Want to Know More

For more information please visit the TrackR Bravo website here.

You can purchase on Amazon here.

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TrackR Bravo


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