Vac Man and Stretch X-Ray Review

Stretch X-Ray Review

Everyone has heard of Stretch Armstrong and when I was younger I remember pulling his arms with friends to see how far he would really stretch! Henry received the ‘original’ Stretch Armstrong for Christmas and is a huge fan but what’s any character without a few arch enemies to take on? Well Henry has been having a huge amount of fun with Stretch’s very own nemesis in the form of Stretch X-Ray and Vac Man.

Stretch X-Ray – £10.99

Just like Stretch Armstrong Stretch X-Ray can be pulled, twisted and of course stretched providing endless amounts of fun! He also happens to be transparent so whilst you watch him stretch you can see his insides which is altogether gross but it’s what kids like right? Stretch X-Ray is a 7” figure which makes him easy for smaller hands to hold and stretch!

Stretch X-Ray Review

Vac Man – £14.99

Vac Man is a 7” fully stretchable arch nemesis of Stretch Armstrong. He has a ‘stronger formula’ which means he can be stretched up to four times his original size which is pretty impressive! You simply pump out the air and then pull him into any shape or pose you like you then release the valve and watch him return to his original state!

Vac Man Review

What Did We Think?

I love that these toys have a link to my past and seeing Henry play with toys I enjoyed as a child brings up lots of lovely memories from my past. I liked that both characters were a handy 7” which makes them easy for younger children to play with. Both characters are fully poseable which creates no end of fun and the addition and growth of new characters means that the fun and adventures never end.

Stretch X-Ray Review

I think that the toys are fairly priced in line with the current market but if we were going to collect all the characters it could become quite expensive. The toys themselves are very versatile and can handle being thrown around and stretched continuously without any issues. They are easy to clean and require no maintenance which I like. I’m also becoming increasingly conscious of the amount of ‘technology’ Henry uses / watches so it’s refreshing to see a toy that requires no batteries, apps or internet to function. These toys will be perfect for playing with in the garden over summer and taking away on trips or holidays.

Vac Man Review

Of course Henry has loved playing with both Stretch X-Ray and Vac Man and I often hear him creating his own little imaginative scenarios in his room. These toys are great for solo play but also great for playing with friends. It’s true that sometimes we test out toys and they get played with initially but then are banished to a drawer where they live a lonely life but I can honestly say that all of the Stretch characters that Henry has are constantly being played with so I know they must be a real hit!

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