Salcura Skincare – Dealing with Psoriasis in Pregnancy

Salcura Skincare Review

Dealing with Psoriasis in pregnancy can be difficult so I have been putting some Salcura Skincare products to the test to see if they can help.


I’ve spoken openly on my blog about the fact that I suffer with the skin condition Psoriasis. Psoriasis is a type of auto immune disease that causes red, flaky and itchy patches on the skin. It’s a lifelong chronic condition that cannot be cured and only maintained. For me Psoriasis comes in periods of flare and remission which means sometimes I have it more severely and other times it’s as if it’s gone away. I have suffered with Psoriasis covering almost 90% of my body in the worst instance of a flare and I have also had periods of remission where my skin has been almost entirely clear.

In order to manage and control my Psoriasis I have been on a number of strong drugs and topical ointments. Usually these drugs work by suppressing my immune system and the topical ointments often contain high level steroids. Since I became pregnant these types of treatments aren’t considered safe so I have had to cease all medication. For some people pregnancy is often a period of remission for their Psoriasis as the hormones in our bodies actual help however for me it seems to have the opposite effect and I can see my skin flaring already.

Natural Products Only

There really aren’t any ‘safe’ drugs or medications that a doctor can provide in pregnancy. The ones that can be used are often ineffective for me so I have been trying to find a natural and safe alternative to manage my conditions whilst I am pregnant. Although some natural based Psoriasis treatments work for some people I have found a huge amount to be ineffective in the long term. Recently I have been trying some Salcura Skincare Products and considering they are natural and completely safe in pregnancy they have been working wonders on my skin!

Salcura Skincare

I have been using a number of different Salcura Skincare products including:

  • Body Wash – £12.99

Some shower gels and body washes can irritate and make Psoriasis worse but this body wash is gentle and doesn’t dry the skin out.

Salcura Skincare Body Wash

  • Face Wash – £12.99

Similar to the body wash using this face wash won’t dry out the skin or irritate sensitive or dry areas like some face washes can.

Salcura Skincare Face Wash

  • Derma Serum – £13.99

This serum is for use on the face and is even safe around the delicate eye area. The serum helps hydrate even extremely dry skin offering immediate relief and improvement on appearance. The serum is filled with vitamins that soothe, hydrate and provide anti-aging properties.

Salcura Skincare Derma Serum

  • Derma Spray Intensive – £16.99

This spray contains natural oils that help the skin repair and become healthier. It feels soothing on the skin but doesn’t leave the skin feeling too oily or greasy when applied. This is a great treatment to use on itchy and sore skin as it offers almost immediate relief.

Skincare Derma Spray

  • Zeoderm Repair Moisturiser – £9.99

I have found that this is a great moisturiser to use if you are having a particularly dry or troublesome period. In the lead up to my friend’s wedding I had a few patches of Psoriasis that flared up on my face. They were extremely dry and sore and I wanted to reduce them fast as even with makeup they were still evident. This moisturiser was an absolute saviour and within a few uses I could see a reduction. I don’t need to use this one everyday but it definitely helps if you need a boost.

Salcura Skincare Zeoderm

How Did I Get On?

I have to say I am really impressed with the full Salcura Skincare range I tried out. My skin is definitely looking and feeling better despite the lack of prescribed medication. It has been useful having use of these products especially as I had a wedding to attend where my arms were on show. Often with these kind of dry skin and Psoriasis treatments you find that the creams and oils leave a greasy residue which is unpleasant and uncomfortable. Often it can ruin bedding and clothing and just generally makes you feel a bit miserable which when combined with pregnancy is not ideal. I have found that these products absorb easily and begin to work almost immediately.

The majority of the ingredients in the products I tried are of natural origin with most being 97% or above which is reassuring when pregnant. They also don’t contain any steroids, paraffin, parabens, SLES, SLS, petroleum jelly, DEA, synthetic fragrances or phthalates.

In terms of price these products are affordable and even though I have been using them regularly there is still loads left so they won’t need replacing for a while.

More from Salcura Skincare

If you want to know more about Salcura Skincare and the full range of products they have available head over to their website here.

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