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I’ve spoken about my love of candles before but particularly my love for Wax Lyrical. They have an abundance of available scents which are strong and long lasting and their prices are fair. Of course, when I was offered the chance to try the new Wax Lyrical and Yvonne Ellen Partnership which includes a range of reed diffusers and candles I was very excited.

Yvonne Ellen

Yvonne Ellen’s homeware collection is both stunning and unique. Her items are perfect for wowing friends over dinner or displaying proudly at home. Yvonne prides herself in taking vintage, unloved ceramics and injecting them with a new lease of life and excitement. All her pieces are designed and finished in Britain and there is always such an attention to detail and design.

Yvonne Ellen & Wax Lyrical Partnership

The partnership with Yvonne Ellen and Wax Lyrical means that Yvonne’s unique style doesn’t just have to centre around the dining table and instead can feature in any part of your home that you choose! There are four scents in total:

  • Vintage Palm
  • Exotic Fig
  • Wild Jasmine
  • Tranquil Tide

Yvonne Ellen all products

In true Wax Lyrical form all the scents are strong, fragrant and long lasting. The collection is a mixture of sweet and fruity scents and muskier calming scents so there I’m certainly sure there will be one to suit your taste.


Vintage Palm Reed Diffuser 200ml £25.99Yvonne Ellen Vintage Palm Reed and box 1

This gorgeous pastel pink reed diffuser is a real summery and fun scent. There are some real citrusy and vanilla scents combined with cederwood and patchouli. Considering Manchester is yet to experience spring this scent is a great way to combat those weather blues and feel as though summer is on its way!

Yvonne Ellen Vintage Palm Reed 1

Tranquil Tide Scented Candle £23.99

Yvonne Ellen Tranquil Tide Candle and box 1

Out of all the scents this was my husbands favourite and I would describe it as a musky manly scent. It’s perfect for people that don’t like anything too florally or sweet. I love the dark green jar combined with the gold logo it looks elegant in any room. I liked that this scent was quite calming and relaxing and it was great for using whilst soaking in a warm bath or losing myself in a good book!

Yvonne Ellen Tranquil Tide Candle 1

Wild Jasmine 200ml £25.99

Yvonne Ellen Wild Jasmine Reed and box 1

Although I am a huge fan of all the scents but Wild Jasmine was my favourite. I have it in my office and throughout the day I get these bursts of fragrance that just make me relaxed. It’s not sweet or fruity and the musky amber and rich jasmine complement each other perfectly.

yvonne Ellen Wild Jasmine Reed 1

Exotic Fig £23.99

Yvonne Ellen Exotic Fig Candle and box 1

This is a fun and fruity scent that fills your home with a gorgeous tropical fragrance. If you like sweet fruity scents this one is definitely for you! This will make a great summer fragrance ideal for any room.

Yvonne Ellen Exotic fig Candle

What Did I Think?

The Yvonne Ellen & Wax Lyrical partnership is a match made in heaven. The scents as expected are gorgeous and the diffusers and candles have an elegance about them that make real statement pieces around the home. I avoid reed diffusers sometimes because I have found that the scents tend to linger for a few hours and then disappear. One thing that has to be said for the Wax Lyrical reed diffusers is that they really do last a long time and I love getting bursts of scent throughout the day. The reed diffusers are 200ml and are sold for £25.99 which is really reasonable considering the quality of them.

Yvonne Ellen feature

Each candle comes in a gorgeous glass holder and they are aesthetically pleasing as well as packing a huge punch scent wise. They burn evenly and even after a number of hours burning they still have a gorgeous strong scent. Each candle is £23.99.

More from Yvonne Ellen & Wax Lyrical

What do you think of the new range of diffusers and candles? Is there a particular scent you’d love to try? You can find out more about the collection on the Wax Lyrical website here.

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