New Born Baby Essentials & Must Haves

New Born Baby Essentials & Must Haves

If you are a long-term reader you will know that I am currently pregnant with my second child. My first born – Henry is almost seven years old so I feel a bit like a new mum again which has got me thinking about what new born baby essentials I need for those early days.

New Born Baby Essentials

Bringing home, a new born baby is hard work but there are some essentials that helped keep my sanity in those early days as a new mum and other items that were complete must haves!

  1. Sleepsuits & Baby Vests

You honestly cannot have enough sleepsuits and vests in those early days. Of course, it’s nice to dress your baby up in cute little outfits but as part of a daily routine you can’t go wrong with a comfy sleep suit. You will find that some day’s babies need a full outfit change several times a day so having an abundance of sleepsuits is better than too few. You can pick up packs of sleep suits from pretty much any supermarket or online affordably and it means if they get ruined with baby sick or an over flowing nappy it isn’t the end of the world. These *sleepsuits and *vests are available from Amazon and are really affordable.

  1. Changing Mat

Having a good quality changing mat means that you can comfortably change the baby anywhere without the need for a physical changing table. We just don’t have the room for a changing unit in our house so this was an easy way to make change times comfortable without taking up too much space. changing mats are available from most places quite cheap but the one I have is from *Schnuggle and it’s really comfortable and soft perfect for new borns.


  1. Muslins

Muslins are absolutely part of my new born baby essentials. They are always handy to carry around in case the baby brings up a little milk after a feed etc. If you get the big ones they are ideal for swaddling new born babies in those early days to help them feel comfortable and sleep easy. *These ones from Amazon are bright and affordable!


  1. Car Seat

If you plan on taking your baby in the car at all then a car seat is essential. It is neither legal nor safe to travel without one and there are some really affordable ones around. I recommend you try a few different ones out and get familiar with the weight and how it works before purchasing. You can find out more about what made me choose our car seat here.

  1. Skincare

A new born baby has very delicate and sensitive skin and therefore it’s important to use products that won’t cause irritation or be too harsh. I love the ABCDerm range from Bioderma for this exact reason. Developed by dermatological experts they offer an extra safe and extra gentle range of products. I love the Mild Foaming Cleansing Gel as it doesn’t alter the skins natural balance or strip it of its essentials like some soaps do. Another firm favourite is the H20 Micelle Solution. This gentle cleanser is soap free, paraben free and alcohol free and can even be used on the sensitive eye area without stinging or causing discomfort.

ABC Derm Bioderma

  1. Safe Sleep Area

Whether you use a cot, Moses basket or crib having a safe and designated area for your baby to sleep has to be part of your new born baby essentials. There are no right or wrong answers for what sleep bed you should choose but make sure that you use a new mattress that is fitted correctly with no gaps at either side where the baby can get trapped. Find out all about sleep safety from The Lullaby Trust.

  1. Baby Swing or Bouncer

In those early days of having a new born baby you can feel like you don’t get a moments peace. Part of my new born baby essentials includes a *baby swing or *bouncer which provides a safe and exciting place for your baby to go whilst you take a few moments to yourself. These items can be a real sanity saver if you need to make up a bottle, put in a load of washing or just simply want a cup of tea! It also gives you and your baby some safe independent time. Of course, you should never leave your baby unattended but just because you have a new born baby doesn’t mean you have to hold it every moment they are awake.

  1. Room Thermometer

When you have just given birth, your internal thermometer can be a little off which means that you may think a room is warmer or colder than it is. Babies don’t regulate their temperature in the same way we do so it’s important to have the room between the correct temperatures as much as possible. An easy and safe way to accurately do this is by getting a room thermometer. It takes the guess work out of it and gives you added peace of mind. I have the *Gro-egg as I like the fact that it changes colour so you can visually see the temperature in the night without having to get up and check


  1. Twiddle Ons

If you have ever put a pair of socks on a baby you know the likely hood of surviving the day without losing one is slim. Twiddle Ons go over baby socks to help them stay put but they are much more than that! Twiddle Ons encourage babies to explore their feet. Designed using different sounds, colours and textures they make a great stimulating toy that can’t be pulled off. Twiddle Ons are a great way to keep babies entertained and stimulated and the conform to CE toy standards!

From a parent point of view these are well made and a fantastic and practical idea. They can be washed easily and are a great way of introducing independent play and exploration at a young age.

Twiddle Ons

  1. Sleepy Feet Foot Oil

I love essential oils for relaxing and calming my own mind. I love the Sleepy Feet Foot Oil by Mummy Loves Organics because it’s designed to help babies drift to sleep and stay asleep. It’s made using the purest essential oils and is simply applied to the soles of the feet. It isn’t suitable until 12 weeks and over so I appreciate this isn’t quite a new born baby essentials staple BUT by that 12 week mark you can incorporate a sleep routine and this foot oil could be really useful as part of that.

Mummy Loves sleepy oil

New Born Baby Essentials for Mums

Some new born baby essentials especially for Mum to help get through the long nights and steal a bit of me time where you can!

  1. Tea, Coffee or Cold Drinks

Finding a special tea, coffee or cold drink that can be just yours as a special treat can really feel like luxury in those early days of motherhood. I used to drink fruit teas because I was breastfeeding and they contained no caffeine. When the baby would settle, I used to make myself a nice cup and just enjoy the moment – while I had the chance!

The Pamper Box for Pregnancy pukka

  1. Bath Treats

Self-care is still essential even though the chance of having it is less with a new born. Getting a special bath oil or bubble bath that you can enjoy when you get a moment feels so luxurious.

  1. Science for Skin Solution for Stretch Marks

When you have a baby your body goes through quite an ordeal of growing and stretching. Even if you use products designed to prevent stretch marks sometimes it’s just an inevitable fact of pregnant life. For this reason, as part of my new born baby essentials for mum I would recommend the Science for Skin Solution for Stretch Marks. This highly moisturising formula containing active green tea extract and vitamins C & E helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and hydrates skin.

Science for skin

  1. Memories

Take as many photographs as you can and record all the details because the moments pass quickly and it’s so nice to look back and reminisce! Oh, and a nice photo frame or photograph album to keep them all in!

What new born baby essentials would you recommend to parents who have just had a baby?

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If you are a long-term reader you will know that I am currently pregnant with my second child. My first born – Henry is almost seven years old so I feel a bit like a new mum again which has got me thinking about what new born baby essentials I need for those early days.


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