Back To School Must Haves September 2017

Back to School Supplies

It seems strange in one breath talking about school finishing for the Summer holidays and in the next breath talking about back to school supplies! The time flies though and back to school shopping is an essential part of preparation for the new school year.

I have always been obsessed with back to school shopping! It literally was my favourite thing to do when I was little! I know it’s not an easy task for us Mums so I have collated a list of some fantastic products to get your kids ready to start their next school year.

Water Bottles

It is a requirement at most schools to have a water bottle for each child. If you are thinking of purchasing a hydro flask then Globo Surf has some useful information which may help. The problem with schools is most children have very similar looking bottles. In order to identify them labels are stuck on them displaying the child’s name. However, the labels tend to peel off and get a bit tatty as the bottles are washed and filled and this then causes them to peel or smudge as the year goes on.

Back to school personalised water bottle

The wonderful people over at It’s Your Story have created a fun and exciting solution to this problem with their personalised water bottles.

You can have your child’s name and picture put on the bottle for simple and easy identification! There are several different designs to choose from but Henry loved the Pirate theme. The bottle is well made and 600ml in size. There are two lid options which I thought was a great touch. The standard plastic flip-top lid and a screw-top lid. The print is dye and chip resistant so won’t wash off after a few uses and the aluminium bottle makes it hard wearing and robust.

Back to school personalised water bottle

The water bottles are priced at £15.00 each and will last a long time!

Fun to Learn Stationery Range

When it comes to buying stationery, there is so much your child ‘needs’ so what better than to have everything together in one matching set. Ease for you as a Mum and fun and exciting for your little one!

back to school fun to learn barbie stationary

The Fun to Learn Stationery Range from Maped Helix comes in several different character options to suit each individual child’s taste! Hot Wheels, Barbie, Bob the Builder & Thomas the Tank Engine! There is bound to be the perfect one for any child!

back to school fun to learn barbie stationary

Each set contains:

  • A Pencil Case featuring the Character choice
  • 12cm Scissors with rounded tip for safety
  • 15cm Ruler
  • Shaped Character Eraser which is also PVC free
  • A Character Themed Stencil
  • Two Hole Pencil Sharpener
  • 2 Graphite Pencils with a grip to teach children how to hold their pencil correctly
  • 3 colouring pencils

back to school fun to learn hot wheels stationary

These sets really are well made and put together with children in mind.
I picked two sets – one I thought would be ideal for a girl and one I felt would be ideal for a boy and I am really impressed with the contents. One thing I liked was the fact that the items were actually useable items and not just cheap filler items with stickers attached. I have bought many stationery sets in the past which contain many items that are unnecessary or not practical. This is, in my opinion a fully useable set that will withstand actual use by children! This makes the Fun to Learn range a Back to School must have!

The sets are priced at £11.99 each which considering how much you get is an absolute bargain!

You can purchase the Fun to Learn sets from Amazon here:

Hot Wheels


Bob the Builder

Thomas the Tank Engine

Maped Jungle Innovation Colour Peps 12 Felt Pens with Holder

back to school must have felt pen holder

Do your kids lose the lid of felt pens? I am forever finding pens that have no lids and have dried up never to be used again! This clever invention from Maped Helix solves that issue! It sits on a table neatly and is compact enough to fit in a pencil case and take on the go.

back to school must have felt pen holder

Once the pens run out it is refillable with a new set of pens so can be used again and again. There will be no more lost caps or pens dying an early death. This is a back to school essential and something that would be great for all schools to provide. You can clearly see each individual pen with out having to search in a pencil case which leaves time for the creativity to flow!

back to school must have felt pen holder

You can purchase the Maped Jungle Innovation Colour Pen Set from Amazon Here.

Roly & Stitch Notebooks

If your child needs an exercise style notebook then the Roly & Stitch notebooks are perfect for dog lovers! They are great for practicing writing, doodling or just making general notes. They come in three different designs and are priced at £3.00 each.

roly & Stitch back to school must have notebooks


There is so much selection when it comes to stationery but one absolutely fabulous yet different stationery company I have found is Scentco. Their stationery is scented and the scents last 2 years!! When I opened this package, the scent was so strong and delicious it smelt good enough to eat!

I love this fun twist which appeals to anyone who wants some added fun and a smile with their stationery items!

scented stationary back to school must haves

Scentco do an extensive range of products but a few of my favourites are:

The Sketch and Sniff Strawberry Notebook and Pencil Set

It smells like strawberries and the scent is strong without being over powering. Inside the pages are blank so the creativity can flow.

scented notebook back to school must haves

The Sketch and Sniff Scented Gel Crayons

There are five different fruity scents that smell amazing! The crayons are actually really lovely to draw with as well so a completely practical item as well as fun!

scented gel crayons back to school must haves

The Sniff It’s Scented Paper Clips

For fruit themed scented paper clips. These are fun and practical and will brighten up any stack of papers.

back to school must have scented paper clips

The Smencils Scented Pencils & Coloured Scented Pencils

These sets are both made from 100% recycled newspapers.

The writing pencils are in a pack of five all of which are #2 pencils and each one has a different design and scent.

Scented pencils by Scentco back to school must haves

The coloured pencils are in a pack of ten bright colours each with their own scent.

Coloured Scented pencils back to school must haves

The Smencil Buddies Pencil Case

The pencil case is a silicone style material which is a good size and can easily hold the set of coloured pencils and more. Attached is a Smencil Buddy which is scented. There are four different styles to choose from each with their own scent.

Back to school must haves watermelon scented pencil case by Scentco

This stationery range is fun and exciting. Everything is really well made and the scents are strong without being over powering or sickly. I love that each scent should last for two years which makes this more than just a fad buy! The scents are suitable for both boys and girls and the packaging and colours are suitable for both too!

You can purchase all products from Amazon here:

Sketch and Sniff Strawberry Notebook

Gel Crayons

Paper Clips

Graphite Smencils

Coloured Smencils

Smencil Buddies Pencil Case

ScentCo have been kind enough to offer you a chance to win your very own Scentco bundle so head over here to enter for free!

Back to School Must Haves

What are your Back to School must have essentials? Share your tips or bargain finds with other parents in the comments!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Love as always!

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