Ways to Save on Children’s Clothing

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One thing I have realised since having children is that they can cost a small fortune. As babies, they need nappies, milk as well as all the baby equipment you acquire. When they grow up, it’s no better as they seem to eat you out of house and home! I’ve also noticed that my children seem to go through clothing at a rapid rate and I am continually replacing items that they have grown out of.

Henry, my older son, seems to be forever going through a growth spurt and in need of a new wardrobe constantly! He is quite tall for his age, and I often find that within a month his trousers seem to be riding up his ankles and his long-sleeved t-shirts are short in the arm. Hugo is a baby, so he is continuously growing and needing new clothes every three months. Between them, the amount I spend on clothing is really starting to add up. I realised that I needed to find a way to save on children’s clothing and try and reduce this cost. Since implementing the following tips, I find I spend far less than I previously did.

Ways to Save on Children’s Clothing

Save Clothes for Siblings

Sometimes the clothes that I have purchased for Henry barely get worn and are still in fantastic condition. It seems such a waste to bin these items so I would typically donate these clothes to charity. Recently I’ve started putting these items away for Hugo for when he is old enough to wear them. I don’t see the value in purchasing the same things again especially when Henry’s have barely been worn!

If you have younger siblings then items like jeans, jumpers and coats still have ample life in them and will be perfect for younger siblings as they get older. I would recommend purchasing some good quality vacuum storage bags which means you can store the items without them taking up too much room and they could even be put up in the loft until you need them!

Scout Around for Nearly New Items

I’m not the only one who is left with nearly new items that their children have grown out of so if you can get hold of good quality second-hand clothing items then it’s really worth doing. Websites like Gumtree or Facebook selling groups make it really easy to source second-hand items and they are a great place to save on children’s clothing.

Often you will find people are selling big bundles of nearly new items at a fraction of the retail price. Sometimes you can even pick up brand new pieces that haven’t even been worn! I often have a scout weekly to see what kind of items are available and I will purchase items in bigger sizes and put them away if they are a reasonable price.

Buy Out of Season

When a clothing shop restocks for the new season, they are often left with excess stock that they want to shift fast. For example, the stock from the summer cannot be carried over into the winter, so it’s often redundant. You will sometimes find that they will sell the leftover stock for a fraction of the price. It makes sense because nobody wants to purchase shorts or summer dresses for winter so you will see these items massively reduced and there are some real bargains to be had.

I will often buy items in a larger size for both children and put them away for the following year. This is a great way to save on children’s clothing you just have to make sure you get the sizing right! Like I mentioned before storing these items in vacuum storage bags saves on room so you don’t have to worry about finding space for them.

Shop Affordable

I used to be a big spender on designer brands, but I just wasn’t getting much value out of purchasing these items for my kids. The best way to save on children’s clothing is to ditch the designer labels and shop more affordable.

Designer items are always going to be more expensive than the high street. Places like H&M and Primark are great examples of high street fashion that doesn’t break the bank. You can pick up essentials as well as on-trend fashion items for a fraction of the price of designer clothing. I find that these items still wash and fit well making them ideal for youngsters playing out and having adventures.

It’s worth noting that If you still want designer items, then places like TK Maxx often have discounted designer items that are much more affordable.

Do you have any tips or tricks to save on children’s clothing? It seems such a waste to spend more than you need to on clothes especially when children grow out of the items so quickly.

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Between both children, the amount I spend on clothing is really starting to add up. I realised that I needed to find a way to save on children's clothing and try and reduce this cost. Since implementing the following tips, I find I spend far less than I previously did.


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