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Going from one child to two can be a wonderful experience. There is nothing quite like the love and bond between siblings. Having a newborn baby is difficult at the best of times but when you are juggling that with the needs of another child it can become a challenge. Luckily for me, I have the help of the Snugglebundl which has made life as a parent to a new baby a world easier.

Organised Chaos

The school run is my least favourite part of the day. Whether it’s the morning drop off or afternoon pick up I find that it is entirely inconvenient when you have a newborn baby in tow. The journey to school by car is just long enough to rock Hugo off to sleep which means that I have to transfer him from the car seat to the pushchair with military precision to avoid waking him up. This transfer is only successful 1 in every thousand attempts and usually, I’m greeted with an inconsolable baby. It’s fine though because the short walk in the pushchair to school rocks him back off to sleep just in time to be transferred back into the car seat and the cycle to start all over again.

I must admit that this whole process gives me excessive anxiety each day. No one wants to wake a sleeping baby especially if it’s the first time they’ve given you a minute’s peace all day! I’ve tried keeping Hugo in the car seat and just carrying that into school but that’s an awkward display of passing from arm to arm as I juggle the weight. I end up getting into the school gates a flustered mess with no feeling in my arms. There had to be a more simple solution to make this whole process easier and that’s where the Snugglebundl became my new essential!



A Snugglebundl is a soft wrap blanket with handles that enable you to create a hammock that fully supports the head and neck allowing you to gently transfer the baby from a car seat into your arms or a pram without waking them. You can use the Snugglebundl straight from birth up until around 6 months of age and it is really useful for assisting with lifting a newborn baby during those post-birth recovery days.


It’s easy to take care of a Snugglebundl and it can be machine washed up to 40 degrees, tumble dried and ironed if needed. It feels just like a cosy cotton blanket making it comfortable on even the newest skin.

What did I think?

Since I started using the Snugglebundl the school runs have been far less stressful. It also means I am much more confident going out and about whereas previously I feared that if he fell asleep in the car seat I would wake him up when I moved him and then he wouldn’t settle again. It is also much easier lifting him with the help of the Snugglebundl than it is lifting him alone!


I love the soft blanket feel and as the Snugglebundl is fully safety and crash tested to EU/US standards I am reassured and confident using it even when Hugo was a tiny baby. It is now recommended that you only keep babies in car seats for short periods of time but the lull of the car journey often helps send a baby to sleep. It is tempting to leave them asleep in the car seat for longer periods through fear of waking them, however, having the Snugglebundl means I can move him from the car seat without the worry of waking him up.

I am really impressed with how useful the Snugglebundl is I carry it everywhere with me!

More Information

Find out more about the Snugglebundl and purchase your own from the Snugglebundl website here.

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