ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag Review

ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag

Swaddling a baby can make them feel safe and comforted and helps prevent their natural startle reflex from waking them in the night however it’s not always the best sleep safe practice. With Hugo, we have been using the ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag which is a safer alternative to swaddling and gives Hugo comfort whilst also giving me peace of mind.

ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag


When a baby enters the world everything they know changes. Inside the womb the feel safe, comfortable and secure. Food is delivered, temperature is regulated and they can sleep as and when they desire. They are thrust into this situation with new smells, scary sounds and a plethora of new experiences. It’s not surprising that new born babies seek comfort in the arms of a parent where they feel that safety, warmth, and security similar to the womb.

A great way to replicate this sensation is through the use of a swaddle which is a thin blanket wrapped snuggly around a baby. Swaddling is a popular pastime that mothers have been practicing for years however it can create a worry if a baby becomes free from the swaddle and the loose blanket falls over the face. This was always a concern of mine with my first son Henry. He simply would not settle without being swaddled but during the night he would wriggle free and the blanket would become loose. This meant that even when he was settled down in his swaddle I would still be up checking him constantly resulting in missed sleep for both of us.

ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag

ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag

The ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag is the perfect alternative to a traditional swaddle and combines the functionality of a sleep bag with handy poppers on the arms which transition the product into a swaddle.

Hugo loves being in the sleep bag with the arms closed it replicates a swaddle but gives me reassurance as there are no loose blankets to worry about. He sleeps really well in the sleep bag and the great thing is that we can open the poppers on the arms easily to help him transition from the swaddle stage into the standard sleep bag stage once he is ready.

ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag

The ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag is made from organic cotton making it soft and gentle on the skin. One of my favourite features was the two-way zipper which makes those middle of the night nappy changes a breeze! Each sleep bag comes with a tog rating for warmth making it easy to pick the right sleep bag for each season.

ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag

What did I think?

Honestly, the ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag has to be a new born essential for both me and Hugo and we have since purchased a second one. I can sleep with the peace of mind that Hugo is settled and safe and on the odd occasion I have tried to put him down without being in the sleep bag he has woken up within minutes. For more information about the ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag head over to the ergo Pouch website here. 

ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag

Did you swaddle your baby? Would the ergo Pouch Swaddle and Sleep Bag give you peace of mind?

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