Ways To Save Money & Avoid Debt At Christmas

Ways To Save Money & Avoid Debt At Christmas

Christmas is a magical and exciting time of year for many. Still, for some people, the worry and anxiety over money comes into play. These feelings can completely overwhelm you during the holiday period and completely suck any fun out of the festivities. Christmas should never be about getting into debt, so I have put together some tips to help save money and prevent overspending at Christmas.

Set A Budget

Realistically look at your finances and decide what budget you have to work with. It’s a good idea to go through your income and expenditure and analyse precisely what you have left to allocate. Whatever budget you decide, it is essential to stick to it regardless. It’s tempting to splurge, but you’ll be more grateful for standing firm where you can.

Don’t Buy for Everyone

I used to think it was essential to buy for every single person at Christmas, and I would practically trip myself up in the process. There is no reason to buy for everyone – unless you want to of course! Make a list of all the people that you would usually buy for and analyse who can stay and who can go. Let people know that you aren’t planning on doing gifts and that they don’t need to buy for you either. If you have a big family consider making a suggestion that you take part in a secret Santa instead of buying individual gifts. This way, everyone still gets a gift, but everyone only has to buy one in return.

Look Out for Bargains

Check prices online before making big purchases and consider using cashback sites or online vouchers where available. It’s also worth scouring local Facebook Selling pages or places like eBay for second-hand items that are still in good condition.

Get Cooking or Crafty

If you have a talent such as knitting, crochet or cooking, then consider making handmade gifts. People often really cherish the idea of a handmade gift because it often means a lot of thought and energy has gone into the preparation!

Cut Down on Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is often an elaborate affair, but that can also lead to a lot of waste too. Buy only what you need and consider how you can make leftovers stretch for future meals. If you have relatives or friends close by consider joining efforts to share the cooking duties and expense while still going all out.

There is a terrible pressure on people to spend more than they have around this time of year. Still, it is important to remember that it isn’t necessary to get into debt.

Do you have any tips to help save money during the festive period?

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