Letter To Santa Template – FREE PRINTABLE

Letter To Santa Template – FREE PRINTABLE

Writing a letter to Santa is a lifetime tradition passed down from generation to generation. The joy of penning down our Christmas wishes and hopes is a magical way to build excitement. Whether it’s tiny scrawls from those barely young enough to write or the poised paragraphs by older children, it’s a simple tradition that shouldn’t be overlooked. I’ve put together a FREE letter to Santa template to help you get started so your little one can write a letter to Santa!

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is such a magical time for children. It can be difficult to keep the magic alive – especially as children get older and start asking questions. Christmas traditions are a great way to spark excitement but also help you know exactly what it is they want for Christmas too!! A letter to Santa is a great way to ‘influence’ their ideas and curb their enthusiasm. Especially with the cost of everything increasing!! 

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, and it can really add some magic and joy to the mundane. Embrace some Christmas traditions and get in the Christmas spirit!

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FREE Letter To Santa Template

I’ve created a free printable ‘Letter to Santa’ that you can use with your own children if you wish to start this tradition or carry it on. Keep scrolling to download. Get your little one to write a letter to Santa today!

Reflecting on Tradition:

As a child, I vividly recall detailing my ‘good’ deeds and earnest wishes in my annual letter to Santa. Fast forward to today, and I’m delighted to continue this tradition with my sons, Henry and Hugo. Their letters, carefully crafted for Santa, are not just a wishlist; they’re a canvas of joy and anticipation.

Neatness for Santa’s Sake:

We’ve instilled a bit of North Pole etiquette, too—neat and legible writing. After all, Santa’s got a list to check twice! Both boys, now adept little wordsmiths, eagerly hand their letter to Santa during our annual visit. It’s become a beautiful way for them to practice writing and keep the magic alive.

Royal Mail Letter to Santa

If you live in the UK, then the Royal Mail do a letter to Santa service where you can send your letter and get a reply. The address is: 

Santa/Father Christmas

Santa’s Grotto



Letters need to reach them by the 30th of November, and you do need a stamp. However, if you are late, you can download the reply card from the website and deliver it yourself!

Introducing the Letter to Santa Template:

As a special treat for you and your little ones, I’ve crafted a delightful Letter to Santa template. It’s designed to make the letter-writing process a breeze and guarantees that Santa won’t need reading glasses! Download it for free and add a touch of magic to your family traditions this Christmas.

Download Here:

Dear Santa letter

Stop The Pressure

I just wanted to take this moment to say that with the glitz and glamour of Christmas can also come the additional pressure and stress. Take full control of your experience and leave the comparisons and pressure behind. Embrace this holiday and enjoy the moment without the feeling that you need to spend more, do more or be more. If Christmas brings you stress, then it isn’t worth it for you. Your version of Christmas will look different to everyone else, and that’s absolutely how it should be. We put too much pressure on ourselves at this time of year – enjoy the moment – especially if you have little ones as they grow up too fast!!

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