8 Tasks You Can Safely Do During Pregnancy

8 Tasks You Can Safely Do During Pregnancy
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For most couples, planning for a baby is a joyful, thrilling, and nerve-wracking experience. Especially when it is the first baby, you will have the urge to do everything right – from the baby’s nursery to the clothing to play toys, to mention but a few. Often, young parents will go to the extent of acquiring what the baby will need at two years.

While preparation is good, some tasks may pose harm and danger to the mother and the unborn child. Due to this, you need to refrain from such activities and seek help for your safety and that of your unborn child.

Herein is a concise discussion of what you can safely do during pregnancy to prepare for your unborn child. This guide will help you be aware of the activities to keep off and those you can undertake without much ado.

Painting Walls

Among the activities that mothers take pride in is affording their babies the environment of their dream. There is no best way to achieve this than to take part in painting your baby’ nursery with each shade of color you intend. You can safely paint the walls of your baby’s nursery as long as the paint is latex, water-based, and has low or absolutely no Volatile Organic Compounds.

When painting, be sure to keep all the windows open and the fan running for additional ventilation. In an instance you desire to prime the walls, you can seek help from another person. This is so because primers have a strong smell which is not ideal for you or the baby. 

Assembling Mid-sized Furniture

Another activity you can safely undertake during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy is assembling furniture. However, be careful not to carry bulky objects that may pose a threat to you and your baby. It would be best to avoid bulky things such as bunk beds, wall units, and tall bookcases.

Note that it is hazardous to engage in the assembling of furniture in the third trimester of pregnancy. It is advisable to refrain from any tasking activity and instead ask for help with handling such chores. By doing so, you will be safe as well as your unborn baby.

Mild Cleaning

When you are pregnant, there is always an exhilarating feeling to have everything sparkling in your house. You do not want to see a stain on the glass; any mini web calls for removal, and the surfaces are to be free of any dust. Essentially, this is the level of cleanliness to maintain, however, not at the cost of your health and that of the baby.

When cleaning, you can use natural cleansers such as vinegar and baking soda. Gently, you can clean the surface using a stick mop without straining your back. Remember to do a bit and rest when you feel tired to ensure a safe pregnancy. Preferably, you can occasionally hire professional cleaners to undertake the cleaning tasks since they can easily reach the areas you cannot get.

Setting the Veranda

You do not want to expose your child to direct sunlight basically because it may do more harm than good. This is why most parents will set up the veranda to be as ideal as possible to accommodate this purpose. You can also undertake to furnish the porch by setting a floor mat, a couch, and a coffee table.

Additionally, it is essential to note that chips of bricks from your wall may crumble. You can seek professional service providers to install wood siding which is easy to wipe through and is better suited for all weather.

Doing Light Laundry

In preparation for your coming baby, you can wash the teeny clothes you acquire for the baby. Be careful to use a detergent that is baby-friendly and free of dye and strong perfume. Preferably, this chore is ideal in the first and second trimester when you can bend with ease. You can remove the tags or any other label on the clothing likely to cause discomfort.

Apart from that, you can iron the clothes under minimal heat and with the windows open to ensure air circulation. Folding the clothes and arranging the attires in their respective cabinets is safe for both you and the baby.

Going for Physical Shopping

Another activity you can comfortably do during pregnancy without posing harm to yourself, nor your baby is shopping. It can serve as an exercise. Through shopping, you can get your baby all essentials and must-haves such as muslins, baby cots, baby vests, and sleepsuits of your choice and taste without leaving out any.

Decorating the Baby’s Nursery 

Among the most thrilling activities, you may have to undertake, designing and decorating your young one’s nursery is definitely among them. You can launch the light bits of decorating the room, such as putting up the wall stickers, dressing the baby cot, to mention a few.

Additionally, you can supervise the moving of furniture in the room, directing where you want each piece. Remember, it is your baby’s nursery, and you do not want anyone tampering with the design you have in mind.  Unless the “tampering” is in the best interest of your child, it would be best if your arrangement envisions what you want for your baby.

Conclusively, the chores mentioned above are but a few yet essential tasks that you will undertake without posing any threat to you nor your unborn child. Even when undertaking the above chores, be watchful not to overwork because you may feel dizzy and collapse. It is vital to ensure your safety and that of your child at all times. If you need something done and doubt whether you can do it yourself, it would be better to delegate it to someone you trust. By so doing, you will live to enjoy your pregnancy as you look forward to meeting your newborn baby. The next time you feel like doing some chore around the house, check if it is among those in the list above.

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