The Best Place To Bet On The Irish Lottery

The Best Place To Bet On The Irish Lottery
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The Irish government created the National Irish Lottery to raise funds to support good courses. And since its first draw in 1987, the Irish lottery has grown tremendously to become one of the leading lottery games in the world.

Unlike before, where you had to be in Ireland to purchase a ticket and participate in the game, the emergence of online betting services has made it easy and convenient to place bets.

The only eligibility criteria needed is being 18 years and above. You can now use these online services to play for the biggest Irish Lottery jackpot. The top money prize starts at € 2 million and can go as high as €18.96 million

 How To Play The Irish Lotto

Lotto betting is placing a wager on the outcome of the official lottery, where numbered lottery balls will be drawn. 

You are to pick any six numbers ranging from 1 to 47. And there are two ways you can select the numbers; you can either choose the numbers yourself or use the  Quick Pick option and get a random set of numbers. Be sure to always buy your ticket at least 15minutes before the draw happens.

The Irish Lotto draw happens on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20.00hrs. And if  you are  lucky and you match all six numbers, you would have won the jackpot. However, if no one wins, it will go to the next draw. 

A bonus ball is drawn out of the 41 balls, creating an eight prize tier. And you can activate the Plus 1 and 2 games to increase your chances of winning 3 jackpots. 

Get your tickets from authorized dealers in Ireland or get them from online betting companies like Lottoland. If you are buying an official ticket into the draw, you must play a minimum of two lines costing £4 only. However, if you place your bets at Lottoland, you can place a single-line bet at £2 and get extra games for £1, increasing your chance of winning the jackpot for  £3 only.

If you are an Irish lottery die-hard, Lottoland has the best offers for you. Sign in today and enjoy a free line that could be your ticket to joining the millionaires club.


Betting the Irish Lotto online

Lotto betting is placing a wager on the correct outcome of the official draw – basically making the right guess of which lottery balls will be drawn.

When playing the game, choose any six numbers from 1-47 that you think will be drawn.  And should your selected numbers match the drawn balls, you automatically win.  The Irish Lotto pays its prizes in cash form.

Difference between Lotto Betting and buying a ticket into the official draw?

When it comes to selecting the numbers, it is the same; the only difference is that you are not  buying a physical lottery ticket to enter into the draw. An independent company that is not related to the official lottery operators such as Lottoland conducts Lotto betting. And after a win, Lottoland will automatically credit your online account.  

For instance, if you bet on the US PowerBall jackpot and all your numbers match the drawn balls, Lottoland will be the one to pay your prize and not the official PowerBall in the United States.

 Can Lottoland pay high amounts like the jackpot?

Lottoland works as an insurance model, meaning that every bet you make is insured. Lottoland pays all its smaller wins directly from revenues collected from their sales. However, Lottoland’s insurance model covers larger wins.

Can Lottoland match the official lottery operators?

Lottoland will pay you just like the authorized lottery operators would if you won the official lottery ticket. Because Lottoland checks the approved lottery operators, including the prizes of each tier, jackpots payouts.

 For instance, if you bet on the US PowerBall and successfully match five numbers, this will give you a second-tier prize of about £34,000. Lottoland will credit this amount to your account.

Why Lottoland and not just buy a  lottery ticket?

Lottoland is an independent company with no links with licensed lottery operators. And with everything done online, Lottoland does not sell physical tickets.

Lottoland has better odds and deals, especially since their betting model allows them the freedom to offer their players free bets and unique features like the Double jackpot.

Advantages of the Irish Lotto Betting

Betting on the Irish lottery online is a convenient and easy way to play a game that is usually unavailable, especially if you are not from Ireland.

Once you have placed your bet online, you won’t have to worry about losing your bet slip since your wager is secure online.

Other than Lottoland, other online bookmakers offer alternative ways of betting on the results. They include Bet365,, and SkyBet

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