4 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Vehicle Tyres For Safety

4 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Vehicle Tyres For Safety
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When it comes to road safety while travelling you need to make sure that your vehicle is fit to be driven on a longer route. Many motorists follow major car parts checks like engine, battery, fuel levels and even brakes. They however miss on examining tyres. Tyres are considered as the least important part in a vehicle to be looked after. This can be psychological too as tyres are the least visible part when we look at a vehicle. In reality tyres play as important a role in vehicle performance as other parts of your car. If you are driving in major cities like London you need to be very vigilant about maintaining your tyres.

Following are some ways you can examine your tyres in order to enable road safety while travelling.

Proper pressure levels

Having well balanced pressure in the tyres is the key. The pressure in the tyre is prone to escape due to everyday rolling over the road. Hence checking whether your tyres have appropriate pressure levels is very important. Tyres that are underinflated are likely to face a puncture as they might not bear too much road pressure at a longer route. On the other hand tyres that are over inflated have more chances to burst if they come in contact with a pot hole. Further, overinflated tyres can also cause you to lose control over the car. Therefore, using a pressure gauge for tyres to measure appropriateness of tyre pressure is very important once in a month.

Appropriate Tread Depth

Moving on to looking after the tread depth of your tyres, you first of all need to make sure that tread depth does not fall below 1.6mm this is the minimum legal level that is allowed. Tread depth mainly protects the tyre from harm from external factors like presence of unexpected stones , debris or even sharp materials. Having a stronger tread will not only protect the tyres from getting damaged but also protect it from early aging. If you want to check the tread of your tyres at home, you can use a 20 pence coin to measure the level of tread. The outer rim has equal depth to 1.6mm, hence if you try to put the coin in grooves of the tyre and it becomes visible this will show that tyres have illegal depth.

Proper Storing

Storing tyres in a proper way can also help them to last longer. Keeping tyres away from exposed heat will help protect them from sun exposure. In this way the rubber will be kept protected and cool and will be less prone to damage. Moreover, while storing the tyres make sure you do not stack tyres up on each other. This will put pressure on the rubber and might cause it to lose proper air in them. If you are looking to get tyres in London from a reliable tyre garage visit Iverson Tyres.

Looking at Wheel Alignment

Having your wheels properly aligned is as important as checking the engine oil. Wheel alignment is another way that shows how your car is being controlled. While driving if you are experiencing your vehicle is drifting towards one direction only this will mean that your car wheel alignment is not fixed and you might lose control of your car while driving. Having an improper wheel alignment can also cause your tyre to wear before expected. Therefore for your and passengers safety it is very important that you check the alignment of your wheels more often.

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