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Chicco OhLaLa'2

*We were sent the Chicco OhLaLa'2 Stroller on a gifted basis -  Contains affiliate link

Ahhhh London, the capital city of England a place filled with the hustle and bustle and architecture to die for. It’s a place I used to frequent in my single days – when life was about nursing hangovers, shopping until your feet fell off and people-watching in the afternoon. Nowadays the only people I get to watch are the two I created and believe me when I say nothing is relaxing about that! Although there is an abundance of things to do in London for the youth of today, it is also a fantastic place for families.

Chicco OhLaLa'2

Last year we moved out to Cheshire which is far enough in the country to feel relaxing but has a strong rail connection so you can still get out and about with ease. We often hop on the train and head to London for the day, but despite London being a great place for a family day out, on the whole, the accessibility isn’t the best.

The fastest way to get around London is via the extensive underground system. You can get across London in a fraction of the time it takes to walk or drive. The problem with the tube lies in the vast number of escalators and stairs. You have to remember that these structures were put in place many years ago.  Although some stations have the use of a lift, this sadly isn’t the case in all. Taking the bus is an alternative option, but of course, this takes longer. We usually only visit for a day, so our time is limited and we, of course, want to maximise our day as much as possible.

Chicco OhLaLa'2

Usually, my husband Ollie and I will carry the buggy between us. By the end of the day, my back is practically breaking. This got me thinking – how do people manage if they don’t have a second adult to hand or they have other children to keep an eye on? It’s frankly not an ideal situation, and it’s one of the biggest turn-offs I hear from other local mums about heading into the capital.

It seems such a shame to miss out on what can be a fantastic day and experience for children, but what is the alternative?

The Struggles are Real

I completely empathise with the struggles that people have and the reservations around visiting London. I have had to turn down invites to events or functions because I wouldn’t be able to manage the tube with Hugo alone. I was resigned to the fact that maybe London was off our radar until Hugo was older and able to walk for the majority of the day. It seemed like such a waste when both children love London trips so much.

Chicco OhLaLa'2

That’s when I decided that there must be another solution and when I heard that the Chicco OhLaLa’2 weighed only 3.8kg I had to try it for myself.

Chicco OhLaLa’2 Stroller

OhLaLa’2 stroller from Chicco is perfect for parents on the go with its smooth one-handed drive and included rain cover. It folds up neatly and easily, making it easy to stow away on a train journey or store in the back of a car. The most impressive feature by miles has to be how lightweight the stroller is. Weighing just 3.8kg makes it easy to carry one-handed while also carrying a child. It’s so light my eight-year-old can carry it on and off the train with ease.

Chicco OhLaLa'2

Even with Hugo sitting in it, the OhLaLa’2 stroller is easy to carry up and down stairs without any assistance making a trip to London a breeze.

The Chicco OhLaLa’2 Features

  • Weighs 3.8kg
  • Suitable from birth to 15kg
  • Multi-position recline and adjustable footrest makes it perfect for napping on the go
  • Cushioned shoulder straps for comfort
  • Combined handles for single hand steering
  • Includes rain cover

Chicco OhLaLa'2

The Proof

Over the past couple of months, I have really put the OhLaLa’2 stroller to the test-taking it to London on a family day out and then again on a quick work trip by myself. Often when I have to head into London for something work-related I opt to leave Hugo at home. This time Hugo and I headed out on the train together navigating the journey and tube without batting an eyelid!!

If you are a family on the move or someone that wants to enjoy travelling with a youngster in tow, then I really cannot recommend the Chicco OhLaLa’2 stroller enough. You can purchase your own on *Amazon.

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*We were sent the Chicco OhLaLa'2 Stroller on a gifted basis -  Contains affiliate link


  1. sriches
    23rd September 2019 / 1:06 pm

    Oh wow – it seems the Chicco folds up relatively easy which is super handy! I remember those days… I lived in London for 5 years and in all honesty, traversing the underground was hard enough as a person on my own! I do not envy you with a family and a buggy! Lifts never seemed to be in working order and everyone was in too much of a hurry, making escalator journeys a nightmare at times! But, it looks like you managed it with ease and it’s good to hear you are getting out and about! Sim xx

    • sophiegw
      25th September 2019 / 4:42 pm

      I wish we had something similar for my first!!

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