How I Am Resetting In September

How I Am Resetting In September

For many people, January signifies new beginnings. A time to set goals and intentions for the new year ahead. I am big on goal setting, and I like having a structure and something to aim towards. Setting goals keeps me accountable and motivated. Of course, you can set goals and intentions at any point throughout the year, and for me, September signifies a refresh. It’s a chance to evaluate any goals already set, get back on track and set forth new intentions.

We went on holiday at the end of August and coming out of the Summer on the back of that left me in a bit of a rut. I loved the Summer. Having both boys at home is pure bliss, and it means the world is our oyster for adventure. Instead of getting into that negative funk now its back to school runs and routine, I have had a September refresh and put together some goals and targets for the upcoming months. I’ve also put together my bucket list for Autumn which you can read here.

Say No

I am a big believer in using the word Yes. I think that when you become a yes person, then the doors of the world open to you. You should be able to say no. Saying No sets boundaries. I’m terrible for this. I often find that I can’t say no, and before I realise it, I am doing more for other people than I am for myself. My stress levels rise, and I lose my sense of happiness.

In the industry, I work, people often expect you to do things for free. Favours they call it. By the end of last year, I was doing so many favours for people I had no time for myself. Since January I have pulled right back from this, but I need to filter this into my personal life too. So as part of my September refresh, I am going to start saying No.

Health & Lifestyle

I started 2019 with great intentions for weight loss. I want to get back to a weight I am happy with. I’ve spoken before at length about not being body confident. I’ve struggled to stay accountable for weight loss this year. I don’t want to make excuses, but it hasn’t gone to plan. Although I want to lose weight, I also want to be healthy.  I don’t eat a balanced diet, and I’m pretty sure I must be deficient in at least some vitamins!! In light of this, I have started taking a good quality multivitamin as well as cod liver oil.

Water, Water, Water

On the back of the old healthy lifestyle kick, I don’t drink even a fraction of the water my body needs. I imagine this is a contributing factor towards feeling rather naff daily. I often suffer from headaches and fatigue, and I’m not stupid; I know I feel better when I drink more. I just have to remember. I recently purchased a large water bottle, and my goal is to drink at least one of these a day!


As you may or may not know, I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis which often flares up, leaving me in pain. Movement can be difficult, and it is often the reason I am unable to exercise much. Let’s be honest though even on my good days I’m not racing anyone to the gym!!! Exercise helps create those happy hormones, so I am trying to incorporate some exercise – even if it is just a gentle walk every day.

Meditation & Mindfulness

I have mentioned before that I enjoy meditation practice. Meditation is one of those things that I think you either enjoy or you don’t. I personally love it, and I think it does so much for my mental health and wellbeing. Before I fell pregnant with Hugo, I would wake up early every day and meditate before the rest of the household woke up. During pregnancy, this became difficult as I became quite ill. Finding time to meditate with a baby is as you can imagine difficult and so my practice has suffered somewhat. Recently I have started to practice again, and although fitting it in takes some juggling I am taking what I can get.


I have taken a hard look at the work I am doing and taking on at the moment. I am so grateful for the growth of my brand and blog, and I want to continue to nurture that growth. I have set some goals and targets as well as creating a plan of action. Doing this has given me focus and drive, which is what I had lost earlier in the year.


Negative thoughts are entirely healthy and part of human life in the world we live in today. I don’t think there is one person that doesn’t have at least a few negative thoughts a day. Positivity is much stronger and better for the mind. If I find myself falling into a negative spiral, it really does spill out into everything. I have made a conscious goal to counter negative thoughts where possible. If I have a negative feeling, I then think of three positive thoughts to balance it out. Doing this gives my mood a boost and means by default, I will be having more positive thoughts than negative each day!

I feel excited by the changes I am implementing, and I feel like I have found my sense of self again. It’s easy to get stuck in that negative rut, but the worst thing you can do is loiter there too long. Do you have any goals or intentions for the rest of the year I would love to hear them below?

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Love as always!

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